Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

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During the Movement phase, or Move phase, you get the opportunity to move your forces around the battlefield. As with the turn sequence, the things that you can do within the Movement phase are performed in a strict order. An overview of each part of the sequence is given below and further rules governing movement are discussed in the section entitled Moving Troops.

  1. Declare Charges - If you want any of your troops to charge, you must declare this at the very start of the Movement phase.

  2. Rally Fleeing Troops - If any of your troops are fleeing, you can attempt to rally them after declaring charges.

  3. Compulsory Moves - Move troops that are subject to a compulsory movement rule.

  4. Move Chargers - Move charging troops and resolve other movement resulting from the charge.

  5. Remaining Moves - Move the rest of your troops.

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