Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

A Failed Charge
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If the enemy has fled, or if you have estimated your charge incorrectly, your troops might not be able to move far enough to reach their intended target. If this is the case, the charge has failed.

If a charge fails, the unit is moved at its normal Move rate rather than double speed. The unit is moved directly towards the intended target as if it were charging but halts once it has covered its normal Move distance. This represents when troops have begun to charge before realising it is impossible to reach their enemy; consequently their movement peters out as they lose impetus and enthusiasm.

A unit that fails its charge cannot shoot missile weapons that turn, though Wizards may cast spells.

The Knights have declared a charge against the Orcs. The Knights' normal move is 7", so they can charge up to 14". The player measures the distance and finds the Orcs are 15" away — disaster! As the charge has failed the unit must now move towards the Orcs as if it were charging, but must halt once it has covered its normal Move distance of 7".

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