Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Rallying (Movement)
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Having declared charges and charge responses, the player whose turn it is now has the opportunity to rally any of his units that are currently fleeing. Troops are normally forced to flee when they are defeated in close combat, if they are frightened by large monster, or if they have suffered some other unusually traumatic experience. Fleeing troops are of no fighting value unless they can be rallied, which means they come to their senses and stop fleeing in readiness to fight once more.

Because fleeing usually results from close combat the rules for fleeing troops can be found in the Close Combat section of this book. In the Rally phase of his turn, a player makes a test to determine whether his fleeing units manage to rally. If they rally then they remain where they are for the turn but may immediately adopt a new fighting formation facing in any direction. If the fleeing troops fail their Rally test and continue to flee then they are moved next along with other compulsory movement.

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