Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Treasures of the Lost World
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Magic Weapons

Blade of Revered Tzunki(Magic Weapon)65 points

Said to be the weapon wielded by the Old One Tzunki himself, this exquisitely crafted weapon is made of a hard, black material. It is unbreakable, and has survived the most intense dragon fire unscathed, even remaining icy cold to the touch. Such is its craftsmanship and design that it hums as it cuts through the air.

The wielder of this blade has +1 Strength. No Armour saves are allowed against attacks made by the Blade of Revered Tzunki.

Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent(Magic Weapon)50 points

As light as a dagger, this curved blade invigorates the wielder with the power of the sun. They are filled with energy and mighty powers of endurance, and a fiery anger overcomes them in battle so that they attack their foes with great fury.

The wielder of this blade has + 2 Attacks.

The Blade of Realities(Magic Weapon)35 points

A weapon brought to the world by the Old Ones, it shimmers in and out of existence, for it exists in more than one plane of reality and can sever the souls of those it touches.

No Ward saves are allowed against the Blade of Realities, although Armour saves and Regeneration may be taken as normal. In addition, any wound inflicted on Daemons is multiplied into two wounds (after Armour saves, etc).

Piranha Blade(Magic Weapon)35 points

The blade of this weapon is inlaid with thousands of tiny barbed teeth that rip and tear anything that they touch, causing even minor wounds to become serious and often fatal.

Any wound inflicted by the Piranha Blade is multiplied into two wounds after Armour saves, etc.

Staff of the Lost Sun(Magic Weapon)35 points

This is a short staff made from a multicoloured metallic substance, with arcane glyphs moulded into the shaft. Beams of bright, intensely hot light fire from one end of the staff, searing the flesh of those they touch.

Burning Blade of Chotec(Magic Weapon)25 points

An acrid smell of sulphur exudes from the barbed blades on this weapon. It passes easily through armour, blackening and buckling steel and causing searing wounds that blister and smoke.

Targets struck by the Burning Blade of Chotec suffer a -2 penalty to their Armour save in addition to any modifiers from the user's Strength. All attacks made with this weapon count as flaming attacks.

Dagger of Sotek(Magic Weapon)25 points

This cruel, curved dagger has taken thousands of lives sacrifices offered up to the bloodthirsty god Sotek. The rat- kin particularly fear this weapon, for it has been the doom of many of their number.

Skink only. Confers on the bearer the Killing Blow ability. In addition, the bearer causes fear in Skaven.

Sword of the Hornet(Magic Weapon)25 points

When this sword is picked up, the bearer is filled with minor premonitions, seeing events seconds before they happen. In this way, the sword's wielder can perceive where the enemy will attack, and launch one of their own a moment before.

The bearer of this sword always strikes first. If an opponent also has the ability to always strike first then resolve their attacks in normal Initiative order.

Magic Armour

Sacred Stegadon Helm(Magic Armour)40 points

This horned, bone helmet is a symbol of power and respect. Those who wear it are accorded much admiration and reverence, for it is said that only those chosen by the gods can place it on their heads without being struck down.

Skink only. Confers +1 to the model's Armour save, which may be combined with other armour as normal. In addition, the helm adds +1 to the model's Leadership value.

Shield of the Mirrored Pool(Magic Armour)35 points

The face of this shield is dark and reflective, and ripples spread from its centre when it deflects blows. Hostile enemy magic is absorbed by this ancient piece of armour, and may be rebounded back at the caster.

The shield confers a +1 Armour save like a normal shield. In addition, any magic missile that strikes the bearer or any unit he is with is deflected on the roll of 4+ on a D6. If the spell is deflected, the results of the magic missile is resolved against the caster of the spell or the unit the character is with (following the normal targeting rules). This in turn cannot be dispelled.

The Maiming Shield(Magic Armour)30 points

This shield has been created more as a weapon than for protection, and the warrior using it can hack and slash with its barbed edges.

The shield confers a +1 Armour save like a normal shield. In addition, it confers +1 Attack to the model using it. This additional attack is worked out using the base Strength of the wielder, and counts as magical.


Amulet of Itzl(Talisman)40 points

With a burst of light and the sound of a thunder clap, this amulet explodes into a million shards of crystal if a true shot or blow comes near to harming the wearer. The amulet takes the brunt of the attack, leaving the warrior unharmed, but the Amulet is destroyed in the process.

One use only. The character wearing this amulet has a 2+ Ward save against the first wound suffered.

Aura of Quetzl(Talisman)30 points

Blessed by Quetzl, this string of beaded shells, feathers and bones is a powerful protective charm, surrounding the warrior in a miasma of dancing colour.

The bearer of this item has a 4+ Ward save against attacks with Strength 5 or more.

Glyph Necklace(Talisman)30 points

An ancient and potent token of protection, this necklace wards off attacks directed at its wearer: Enemies fumble their blows, their strikes glance off scales and they cannot seem to manage to attack the bearer effectively.

The character wearing this has a 5 + Ward save.

Arcane Items

Cube of Darkness(Arcane Item)40 points

Viewed up close, this small black cube contains millions of tiny pin-pricks of light, circling around a sphere of pure darkness. With the correct pattern of thoughts it may be opened for a fraction of a second, sucking the winds of magic instantly within its confines.

One use only. This may be used with the exact same effects as a Dispel Scroll. In addition, all Remains in Play spells are automatically removed from play. Finally, roll a D6. The Magic phase ends immediately on the roll of a 4+.

Diadem of Power(Arcane Item)35 points

This golden circlet is encrusted with jewels and inscribed with ancient glyphs. It aids spellcasters in focusing their magic, allowing them to perceive the winds of magic in physical terms and manipulate them fully.

The diadem allows the bearer to save up to two of his own unused Power dice or Dispel dice at the end of any Magic phase and store them, to add to his side's dice pool in the next Magic phase.

Rod of the Storm(Arcane Item)35 points

An ancient remnant from the time of the Old Ones, this revered artefact can unleash crackling branches of lightning. It is only drawn forth from the inner sanctum of the High Temple of Tlaxtlan in times of direst need, for once it is used its energy dissipates, and it takes some time for it to regain its power.

Bound Spell. Power Level 5. One use only. May be targeted against an enemy unit during the Magic phase. It is a magic missile that inflicts 2D6 automatic Strength 3 hits (Strength 4 if the target has an Armour save of 4+ or better) on one enemy unit within 18". In addition, any unit that suffers wounds from the rod must take an immediate Panic test.

Enchanted Items

Gleaming Pendant of Chotec(Enchanted Item)35 points

When the small puzzle icons are arranged correctly on this amulet, the air around the pendant becomes distorted and hazy. In a burst of light, this distortion surges out in all directions, dazzling the eyes of the foe and stunning them momentarily.

One use only. The pendant may be used at the start of any Lizardmen player's Close Combat phase. For that turn only, any enemy unit that is in contact with the model using the pendant will strike last in combat - even striking after great weapons and Zombies! If an enemy has the ability to always strike first, then on the roll of a 4+ they get to attack first; if they roll a 1-3, then they too will strike last.

Blood Statuette of Spite(Enchanted Item)30 points

This statuette is carved in the likeness of the Old One god Xapati, and is frequently bathed in offerings of blood. The vengeance of the Old One may be called upon in battle to strike down the Lizardmen's foes.

Bound Spell. Power Level 5. One use only. Once per game, the user may cast the spell bound within the statuette. This spell requires no Power dice to cast as all the power is provided by the statuette. The spell may be cast on any enemy character. That character must immediately take a Toughness test (remember that a roll of 6 always fails). If this test is failed, then the model loses a wound with no saves of any kind allowed. If the model takes a wound, it must immediately take another Toughness test, losing another wound if it fails again. This continues until either the model passes a Toughness test or is slain.

Cloak of Feathers(Enchanted Item)30 points

The fabric of this finely woven cloak is made up of hundreds of eagle feathers, and is draped loosely over the shoulders of the Skink wearing it. When he extends his arms, the feathers rise up around him like powerful wings, allowing the Skink to soar into the air.

Skink on foot only. The wearer of the cloak may fly.

Charm of the Jaguar Warrior(Enchanted Item)20 points

A small token depicting a snarling jaguar face with delicately inlaid eyes of amber, this charm gives the wearer the speed of a jaguar, allowing him to move swiftly through the jungle. Some say that the warrior seems to blur and shift between his true shape and that of a stalking jaguar.

Model on foot only. The model's movement is increased to 9".

Curse-charm of Tepok(Enchanted Item)20 points

Crafted in the form of a grotesque, leering face, the power of this charm forces its horrific visage into the minds of enemy sorcerers, causing them to be filled with doubts and fears.

One use only. After the enemy rolls on the Miscast Table for the first time in the game, the bearer of the Curse-Charm of Tepok may force their opponent to re-roll the result. This second result stands.

Bane Head(Enchanted Item)15 points

The shrunken head of a long-deceased intruder to the jungles, the Bane Head is used before battle to place a deadly curse onto one's enemies.

Nominate an enemy character at the start of the battle. All unsaved wounds caused by the bearer on the nominated target are doubled.

Dragonfly of Quicksilver(Enchanted Item)15 points

Said to have been crafted by the brilliant Skink artisan Bo-Thuknoq under the guidance of Tepok while in a deep trance-meditation, this small, metal dragonfly is thrown into the air before battle. With a strange intelligence of its own, the dragonfly scouts out the position of the enemy, conveying what it sees back to its owner.

If both the Lizardmen player and his opponent have models with the Scout ability, then the Lizardmen player adds +1 to his dice roll when rolling to see who gets to deploy their scouts first.

Venom of the Firefly Frog(Enchanted Item)15 points

This intense poison is distilled from the glands of the rare and deadly firefly frog. When applied to weapons, it can cause even the tiniest scratch to become inflamed, and ultimately fatal.

All mundane weapons used by the model with the Venom of the Firefly Frog (both close combat weapons and ranged weapons) are coated with this venom. All attacks made with these weapons count as Poisoned Attacks and are magical.

Magic Standards

Totem of Prophecy(Magic Standard)75 points

This totem causes those to look upon it to realise their own mortality, as images of the futility of their own small lives within the grand scheme of the Old Ones wash though their spirit.

The unit causes fear.

Huanchi's Blessed Totem(Magic Standard)40 points

A portion of the boundless energy of the Old One deity Huanchi resides within this totem. This power can transfer into those who carry it, filling them with an unnatural burst of energy and speed.

One use only. The unit may use this banner once per game, at the start of any Lizardmen Magic phase. The unit moves directly forwards up to D6". If it runs into an enemy unit, it counts as charging in the next Close Combat phase. The enemy may not make any charge reaction.

Sun Standard of Chotec(Magic Standard)40 points

Beams of intense sunlight streaming from this standard make it impossible to focus upon it without squinting. Those who stare too long at the Sun Standard are said to go blind.

Missiles fired at the unit suffer -1 to hit.

Jaguar Standard(Magic Standard)25 points

The animal spirit of the jaguar is represented with this standard, a bodily form that was said to be favoured by several Old One deities. Those in the shadow of this jungle beast bunt down their enemies with relentless ferocity and persistence.

The unit pursues an extra D6".

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