Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

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These troops are skilled at sneaking forwards to scout out the enemy before the main force arrives. By making the best use of cover, advancing at night, or with other troops providing a diversion, they are able to deploy ahead of the rest of the army.

Scouts are set up after both armies have been deployed. They can be set up anywhere on the table, at least 10" away from the enemy and must be out of the sight of any enemy troops and in or behind interposing terrain (not out in the open!). If both armies contain troops with this ability, each player should roll a D6, with the player scoring the highest choosing whether be deploys before or after the enemy's Scouts. Two opposing groups of Scouts cannot be set up within 10" of each other.

Alternatively, Scouts can be placed on the controlling player's deployment zone like any other troops, after deployment of both main armies is finished.

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