Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Miscast Table
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Roll 2D6 as your opponent cackles maniacally.

2The collected magical power explodes in a ball of energy. Models in base contact, friend or foe, or the character's mount, if on a monster or chariot, suffer one Strength 10 hit, as does the casting Wizard.
3There is an explosion of dazzling colours and sulphur as the Wizard loses his control of the spell. The caster is blasted D6" in a random direction (use the Artillery dice to determine the direction) and cannot cast further spells until he rolls a 6 on a D6 at the start of his Magic phase. If blasted into another model he stops and both take one Strength 10 hit. If blasted into a wall, wood, or solid object, the caster takes one Strength 10 hit.
4The magical energies escape as the Wizard loses his concentration. The opposing player may immediately cast any one of his own spells of the same casting difficulty racing or less. No casting roll is required - the spell is automatically cast - but it can he dispelled by the player whose turn it is by using Power dice in the same way as Dispel dice. A player needs to beat the basic casting value of the spell to dispel it.
5The caster is knocked off his feet by a sorcerous explosion. He cannot shoot or attack this turn, is hit automatically in close combat and cannot cast any magic this turn or in his next turn, but is otherwise unaffected.
6-7The caster loses control of his spell and struggles to keep the magical energies in check. He cannot cast any more spells in this Magic phase.
8-9A massive vortex of power drains away the sorcerous energy. Any remaining Power dice held by the player are removed and the Magic phase ends.
10The caster is racked by sorcerous power and suffers 1 wound with no saves allowed.
11Ravaged by the power of Chaos the Wizard loses some of his power. The caster's Magic Level is reduced by -1 and he cannot attempt to cast the spell that he has miscast for the rest or the battle. If the caster's Magic Level is reduced to 0 he can cast no further spells for the rest of the battle, but he still counts as a First Level Wizard for the purpose of calculating the number of Dispel dice only.
12The caster's mind is ravaged by the power of a hideous Daemon who's attention the spellcaster has drawn. The spell he attempted to cast is successful and counts as having been cast with Irresistible Force, but the caster cannot cast any more spells for the duration of the battle, and generates no Dispel or Power dice.

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