Tools of Destruction
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Magic Weapons

Thundermace(Magic Weapon)55 points

The Thundermace is a foundation stone taken from the base of a skycastle and bound with meteoric iron onto a long, stout haft. When brought down over the head, the accumulated force of several hundred tonnes of masonry explodes outward from the point of impact.

The Thundermace is a two handed weapon that follows all the rules for great weapons. A Tyrant with the Thundermace may opt to make only one attack per Close Combat phase. On a successful hit (use the highest Weapon Skill amongst the enemy models in base contact to determine whether the Tyrant hits), place the small template anywhere so that it is touching but not overlapping the Tyrant's base (it may touch friendly models should you so wish, though it does not affect them). Determine casualties exactly as if the unit had suffered a direct hit by a Strength 4(8) stone thrower.

In a challenge, a Tyrant choosing to use this special attack does not use a template, but instead strikes at Strength 8, doing D6 wounds and ignoring normal Armour Save.

The Tenderiser(Magic Weapon)50 points

Made from the axle of a Great Caravan, this massive two-ended club is so heavy even a normal Ogre Bull would struggle to lift it. The destructive power bound into its twin heads enables the bearer to shatter a boulder with one strike.

The Tenderiser is a two-handed weapon that follows all the rules for great weapons. A model wounded by the Tenderiser (after saves, etc) loses not one but D3 wounds.

Siegebreaker(Magic Weapon)30 points

Siegebreaker is a huge, two-handed obsidian club that was used by the Tyrant Bruto Thundergut to smash his way into the skycastles many thousands of years ago.

Siegebreaker is a two-handed weapon that follows all the rules for great weapons, but adds +3 Strength instead of +2. When rolling to hit, compare the Ogre's Weapon Skill with the enemy's Initiative value instead of his Weapon Skill - it is impossible to deflect a blow from the Siegebreaker. Targets without an Initiative characteristic will be hit automatically, and will take D6 wounds instead of the usual 1.

Skullplucker(Magic Weapon)30 points

This heavy, spiked metal gauntlet was originally worn by its namesake Big Agi Skullplucker, who had a particular dislike for Elves, and enjoyed nothing more than twisting off their girly little heads with this nasty-looking and bloodstained glove.

The Ogre with this weapon has Killing Blow.

Bloodcleaver(Magic Weapon)25 points

The Bloodcleaver is a revolting, gore-encrusted holy weapon with the vampiric ability to channel the life force from its victims into its wielder.

Butchers only. Every time a Butcher causes an unsaved wound with the Bloodcleaver, he may regain one wound he lost earlier in the battle.

Magic Armour

Mastodon Armour(Magic Armour)50 points

The Mastodon Armour is a great set of plates and chainmail forged by the Chaos Dwarfs in exchange for hundreds of Human and Gnoblar slaves. It shifts and hardens in response to incoming attacks.

The Mastodon Armour is heavy armour and therefore confers a 5+ Armour Save. If at any point the wearer is killed by an attack that is not made in close combat, he rolls a dice. On the roll of a 2+, he is instead restored to life on 1 wound at the end of the phase.

Greatskull(Magic Armour)35 points

This ancient, tattooed cave-beast skull, worn as a gut-plate, bleeds hostility and confusion into the minds of any who would do its bearer harm with the arcane arts.

Grants a 6+ Armour Save that can be combined with other equipment normally. Any spellcaster that targets the character with the Greatskull, or the unit he is with, will miscast on any roll of a double 2 or a double 3 as well as on the roll of a double 1.

Bullgut(Magic Armour)30 points

A Bullgut is a heavy-duty gut-plate with two sharp curving horns that jut out from it, wrenched from the skull of a mighty cave-beast. The ground itself shakes when the bearer makes a bull charge.

The Bullgut confers a 6+ Armour Save that can be combined with other equipment normally. On any turn the bearer charges, he counts his Unit Strength as 6, and any impact hits caused by the Ogre's Bull Charge are considered to be Armour Piercing.

Gut Maw(Magic Armour)30 points

Blessed by several generations of Butchers and passed through clan to clan, this polished brass gut-plate has a set of huge silver jaws attached to it. Those the bearer kills in single combat are swallowed by the gut-plate and pass straight into the Great Maw, and their life force passed to the wearer in return.

Grants a 6+ Armour Save that can be combined with other equipment normally. If an Ogre wearing the Gut Maw kills an opponent during a challenge, he may immediately restore a number of wounds equal to the starting Wounds characteristic of the slain opponent. If the owner of the Gut Maw is already at full Wounds, then he may add +1 Wound to his profile.

Greedy Fist(Magic Armour)20 points

This ancient, near-sentient gauntlet is painted to resemble the Great Maw itself, with a black palm and sabretusk teeth tied to the fingers and thumbs.

Grants a 6+ Armour Save that can be combined with other equipment normally. A successful Saving throw made by the bearer of this gauntlet 'eats' the magical properties of any close combat weapon used against it. The enemy weapon counts as a normal, non-magical weapon of the same type for the remainder of the game. Any Wizard struck by an Ogre with the Greedy Fist loses a Magic level per successful hit.


Cathayan Jet(Talisman)30 points

This well-travelled character is in possession of a finely crafted jet pendant, bowl, ring or other trinket. It protects against all forms of hostile magic, excepting those sacred energies described in the East as ying and yan.

The character gains a 3+ Ward Save against all wounds caused on him by spells or bound spells, apart from spells chosen from the High and Dark Magic spell lists and wounds incurred from Gut Magic.

Spangleshard(Talisman)30 points

This was once a finely-wrought gemstone bound into a silver filigree cone, no doubt of Elven origin. Now a dirt-encrusted, chipped remnant of its former glory, the defensive powers of the Spangleshard still activate against powerful attacks.

For each individual wound the bearer suffers, roll a D6. If this roll is higher than the result of the To Wound roll, that wound is discounted. For instance, if the bearer takes a Strength 10 hit and the resultant To Wound roll is a 3, the bearer would have to roll a 4+ to nullify it. This roll is taken before any multiple wounds are caused, and cannot affect automatic wounds.

Wyrdstone Necklace(Talisman)20 points

Perhaps plucked from the ruins of Mordheim or even from the searing deserts around the Great Maw, this shard of Wurdstone has been bound into a crude necklace where it quietly and silently absorbs its bearer's life force.

The Ogre with this item gains a 5+ Ward Save. Roll a D6 after deployment, if the result is a 1 the bearer suffers a wound with no saves allowed.

Gnoblar Thiefstone(Talisman)15 points each

Thiefstones attract magical power, and a quick pass of a thiefstone over a corpse will quickly stick any item of any importance firmly to the stone. Ogres regularly relieve their Gnoblars of these items and hang them on a necklace around their necks.

Due to the magical flux generated by this item, the wearer and the unit he is with benefits from Magic Resistance (1). A character may take more than one Thiefstone (to a maximum of three) at 15 points per stone, each additional Thiefstone adds + 1 to his Magic Resistance.

Arcane Items

Hellheart(Arcane Item)50 points

The Butcher has the ichor-soaked heart of a foul Chaos spawn, bunted from the northern tundra. The fickle powers of the gods of Chaos are still in the offal, and by forcing it down his gullet the Butcher may create a vortex of magical anarchy.

One use only. The Butcher may use this item at the start of his opponent's Magic phase, immediately taking an automatic Strength 3 hit. For the remainder of the phase, any Casting roll that includes a double will result in a Miscast, not just a double 1. Any wizard suffering a Miscast must roll on the Gut Magic Miscast table instead of his own he is counted as a Butcher). If a spell is cast with Irresistible Force, resolve the spell as usual and then roll on the Gut Magic Miscast table.

Grut's Sickle(Arcane Item)35 points

Grut the Bloodthirsty was eventually lynched and eaten by his tribe, who were fed up with him using them as spare ingredients. Some of his malevolence seems to live on in his rusty sickle, however.

After rolling Casting dice for a Gut Magic spell, a Butcher with the Sickle may choose to cause a wound on a unit he has joined in order to gain another Casting dice, which may exceed his normal limit. This extra dice is rolled immediately and added to the casting total. This may cause Irresistible Force or a Miscast as usual, and may only be done once per phase. Wounds caused by the Sickle may not be allocated to characters, and may not be saved or Regenerated in any way.

Bangstick(Arcane Item)25 points

Bannaga, the original owner of the Bangstick, was a fiery-tempered and profoundly deaf Butcher that travelled extensively throughout Cathay and Ind. He was famous for the loudness of his voice and his total contempt for the lives of any Gnoblars in the vicinity.

Bound Spell. Power Level 3. The Bangstick may be used once per turn to cast a magic missile with a 24" range, causing D6 S4 hits. Line of sight may be freely drawn through friendly unengaged Gnoblar units, which will also sustain D6 S4 hits in exactly the same manner as the target.

Halfling Cookbook(Arcane Item)25 points

The Halfling Cookbook, rumoured once to have belonged to Skrag the Slaughterer, is the lone remnant of the Halfling Wars. Butchers keep it near them when practicing the more unpalatable aspects of gut magic.

A Butcher with the Halfling Cookbook may re-roll the To Wound dice when he suffers a wound from a successful Bonecruncher or Toothcracker spell, and only suffers a wound from the Trollguts spell on the roll of a 4+.

Skullmantle(Arcane Item)20 points

After a significant victory, a Butcher may collect a bagful of heads and boil them all in quicklime. Spending careful hours with the help of a Scalp-Gnoblar or two, he will twist ropes, wood, hair, iron nails and hide into a hideous ritual mask, infused with the fears of his defeated foe.

Any enemy unit forced to take any Leadership tests (including Psychology and Break tests) due to the Butcher wearing the Skullmantle, or a unit he has joined, suffers a -1 penalty to their Leadership test.

Enchanted Items

Brahmir Statue(Enchanted Item)35 points

Probably recovered from some burning temple in far-off Ind, this is a wooden effigy of one of the thousand gods worshipped there by Man and Man-kin alike. For reasons unknown, the four-armed thing holds a particular horror for the worshippers of the Dark Gods.

All Psychology tests caused by the bearer (or the unit he is with) upon Chaos or Skaven units are at -3 Leadership.

Daemon-Killer Scars(Enchanted Item)35 points

Hunted in the East, Chaos daemons are bled into lead jars. Talented Butchers pay well for this acidic ichor and know how to apply it as warpaint, capturing some of the ferocity of the daemon and giving their Tyrants a truly terrifying appearance.

Ogre Tyrant only. The Tyrant causes terror.

Greyback Pelt(Enchanted Item)35 points

This silvery pelt is all that remains of a skinned Yhetee Greyback, hunted down and killed by the wearer. It bestows some of the power of the ice creatures onto its owner.

Hunters and Tyrants only. A character with the Greyback Pelt (and any Sabretusks that accompany that character) may move through difficult terrain as if it were open ground. Enemies are at -1 to hit the wearer in close combat. No Yhetees may be used in an army that includes a character with the Greyback Pelt.

Jade Lion(Enchanted Item)30 points

In far Cathay, the Jade Lions are revered for their courage and level-headedness. Occasionally an Ogre may be found carrying the likeness of one of these as an amulet, and they still contain some of their power, although showing cowardice will cause the magic to depart.

The bearer, and any unit he is with, may re-roll any failed Psychology tests. Once the unit flees for any reason, this benefit is lost.

Rock Eye(Enchanted Item)20 points

The Ogre with the Rock Eye has cast one of his own eyes into the Great Maw. The rough pebble taken from the parched earth around the Maw and hammered in its place gives him the power of second sight.

At the beginning of the owning player's turn, pick a unit that is in line of sight of the character with this item. The opposing player must announce the presence of any hidden models (Fanatics, assassins and the like) within that unit, and announce what magic items are within that unit. He need not describe who carries them, however.

Fistful of Laurels(Enchanted Item)15 points

Ogres don't really believe in declaring their leadership qualities by making such trinkets, but that doesn't mean they are above taking them from the bodies of their prey.

One use only. A character with this item or the unit he is with may re-roll a failed Break test once per game, just as if a Battle Standard was within 12".

Magic Standards

Dragonhide(Magic Standard)60 points

Ripped bleeding from the flanks of Jaugrel, the ice drake slain by Greasus Goldtooth, and still ripe with the stench of decay, the Dragonhide passes some of its former owner's legendary ferocity onto its bearers.

On the turn that they charge, Ogres in a unit bearing the Dragonhide may re-roll all dice rolls of 1 to hit, to wound and for Armour Saves.

Ogres in the unit with the Dragonhide Standard are immune to Ice Magic.

Ragbanner(Magic Standard)35 points

The Ragbanner's name belies the esteem in which it is held, for it is a crude patchwork of banners taken from every one of the mortal races that tribe has encountered and subsequently had for dinner.

Before the unit carrying it takes a Panic test, the Ogre player may call upon the power of Ragbanner - that unit may roll three D6 for their Panic test and discard one D6 of their choice.

Cannibal Totem(Magic Standard)25 points

The Cannibal Totem is blessed by the Great Maw, and bestows power on those who would devour the strong under the eye of their god.

When in base contact with any enemy models with the same base size as themselves, any model in the unit bearing the Cannibal Totem may re-roll failed To Hit and To Wound rolls in the first round of combat. They may not overrun but must pursue if this ability is used.

Bull Standard(Magic Standard)20 points

The Bull Standard is crowned with a massive gut-plate bearing huge curved horns. It lends the strength of a charging Rhinox to the Ogres that march under it to battle.

Ogres in a unit with the Bull Standard can re-roll any failed To Wound rolls caused by the impact hits of their Bull Charge.

Rune Maw(Magic Standard)20 points

Bearing the device of a massive set of jaws and hung with runic items captured from the Dwarf holds, the Rune Maw constantly emits a low growl that rises to a predatory roar when it detects magic, spitting the arcane energies back out with a loud belch.

When a spell is successfully cast by an enemy spellcaster against the unit bearing the Rune Maw, roll a D6. On the roll of a 2+, the controlling player may redirect the spell against any other friendly unit within 6" of the unit with the standard, regardless of whether it was originally a valid target or not.

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