Ogre Big Names
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Some Ogres have gained such renown that they have literally earned a name for themselves. There are certain names that indicate great status in an Ogre – buying your Ogre Hero a 'big name' from the list will allow him to use special abilities on the battlefield that reflect his illustrious history.

Tyrants may purchase a single Big Name of any points value. Other characters allowed to purchase a big name may purchase one up to the value of 25 points. Different characters in the same army can have the same Big Name. The points spent on Big Names adds to the cost of the magic items chosen for the Ogre and is limited by the maximum amount of points the character can spend on magic items (see the appropriate entry in the army list). A Tyrant who chooses the big name Kineater (35 points), for example, will then have 65 points left to spend on magic items.

Kineater(Ability)35 points

Having achieved Tyranthood by killing and eating a member of their own family in a pit fight, Kineaters are considered ruthless even in their own tribe. These vicious killers are always the first to issue a challenge to the death in any dispute. When fighting alongside a Kineater, it is unwise to flee.

Any friendly unit within 6" of a Kineater may re-roll any failed Panic tests.

Giantbreaker(Ability)25 points

An Ogre that has led a Giant Hunt and successfully brought in and broken a Slavegiant is hailed as a great warrior. A Giantbreaker is invariably extremely strong and supremely confident of his own abilities.

A character with the Giantbreaker name has +1 Strength on his profile. He may never refuse challenges, and neither he nor the unit he is with may flee as a charge reaction. Any army with one or more Giantbreakers in its ranks must include a Slavegiant.

Longstrider(Ability)25 points

An Ogre with the big name Longstrider has hunted on the slopes of the mountains for decades, and is even capable of running down a sprinting ice elk. The first Hunter; Jhared the Red, was known as Jhared Longstrider until he slaughtered his own tribe.

An Ogre with the big name Longstrider adds 1 to his Movement rate.

Mountaineater(Ability)25 points

Mountaineaters are invariably strong in tendon and tusk. After their trial, they ritually consume part of the mountain they have scaled to mark their conquest.

A Mountaineater will never be wounded on better than a 3+. For instance, if the Mountaineater was hit by a cannon ball (normally wounding him on the roll of a 2+) the cannon ball would only wound him on a 3+. Hits that cause automatic wounds are unaffected.

Deathcheater(Ability)20 points

Sometimes an Ogre will suffer a horrible mishap during his rite of passage, but succeed nonetheless. These heavily scarred individuals are rightly seen as blessed by the Great Maw.

Once per game, one nominated model in base contact may be forced to re-roll all successful rolls made to wound the Deathcheater. This includes all rolls to wound made by the model's mount, chariot or other extra attacks.

Beastkiller(Ability)15 points

A Beastkiller has slaughtered an entire pack of cave-beasts as his rite of passage and will invariably wear their tusks and fangs about his person.

Hunters and Tyrants only. Beastkillers are Immune to Psychology. When making Close Combat attacks against a Large Target, each unsaved wound they inflict becomes two wounds - they know just where to strike for maximum effect. If the character is using a magic weapon then wounds are not doubled in this way.

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