Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Impact Hits
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When a chariot charges a unit, it causes D6 hits with its own Strength. The number of hits is increased by +1 if the chariot is equipped with scythed wheels. These hits are inflicted first, before the close combat begins, and any wounds caused by the charging chariot count cowards the combat resolution as normal. Remove any casualties as detailed in the Close Combat section. Like other casualties of close combat, the models killed by the impact hits do not get to fight.

The main danger from a chariot comes during its charge, so it is vitally important that it isn't outmanoeuvered and charged by the enemy. Chariots caught out in this way get no impact hits and are likely to be overwhelmed.

Impact hits against a unit of troops are worked out against the troops rather than against any characters in the unit (including the unit Champion). If a chariot charges against a single character on his own then the impact hits will obviously strike the character, but in other cases it is assumed that the character is canny enough to avoid the crushing chariot.

If a chariot charges another chariot ridden by a character, or a monster ridden by a character, the impact hits are never worked out against the character but rather against his chariot or mount. Crew and creatures pulling the chariot may attack the rider as normal.

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