Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

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If a player rolls two or more 1s when rolling Power dice to cast a spell, this is a very bad thing. Something has gone terribly wrong with the spell. The Wizard, and by extension the player, is about to find out what kind of terrible consequences occur when foolish creatures dabble in things best left alone. We said that magic is a dark and dangerous power and how telling those words will become as you take 2D6 and roll on the Miscast Table! Note that a Miscast spell never succeeds regardless of the actual number rolled by the Wizard.

The Miscast table given below is a general table which is used for all races that do not have a specific table in their own Warhammer Army book. Some races derive their sorcerous powers from specific, and usually very nasty, gods or daemons, for which specific, and usually very nasty, Miscast tables are provided in the appropriate Warhammer Army books.

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