Gut Magic Miscast Table
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Many of the more traditional magic users in the Old World would question the wisdom of actually ingesting the ingredients of their spells. Butchers and Slaughtermasters roll on the following table instead of the usual table each time they miscast.


Miscast Result


The Butcher spasms and squeals as his magic goes horribly awry before bursting apart in an explosion of stinking offal. Remove him from play. All models that were in base contact take a Strength 4 hit, and all other Butchers on the battlefield take D3 wounds.


The Butcher drops to his knees, blood pouring from his mouth as the Great Maw eats away at him from the inside. He suffers D6 strength 4 hits and may not cast any more spells for the remainder of the game.


The Butcher turns white, emitting a thin wail as his digestive system is ravaged. He suffers D3 wounds.


Iridescent light shines from the Butcher's mouth and eyes and he bellows in pain as his god shows his displeasure. The miscast spell may not be cast by any Ogre Butcher for the remainder of the game.


The Butcher's gut churns and writhes, emitting a great cloud of magical by-product. Any model in base contact with the Butcher will suffer a Strength 2 hit with no Armour Save allowed.


A part of the Great Maw possesses the Butcher as he opens a direct channel to the power of his god. The Butcher becomes Frenzied.

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