Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Dark Elves
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Listen, young lord, and heed me well. I have been bidden to instruct you in the Art of War. We Druchii are the greatest exponents of warfare, and you must study hard that so you will not bring shame to the land of Naggaroth, your city, your house and ultimately your lord and master King Malekith.

You must learn to be cunning, for the slow-witted will be defeated by clever tacticians. You must be ruthless, for the honour-bound will lose the battle before it starts. But above all you must learn to be merciless, for we cannot allow weaklings to thrive while traitors still hold our ancestral lands. Thus I will instruct you, as is the command of Malekith, rightful Lord of Ulthuan, and one day you too may march your army upon the shores of our homeland.

Hear, my lord, of the Druchii. From distant Cathay to the usurped lands of our accursed kin, from the cold lands of Norsca to the steaming jungles of the Southlands, our armies are rightfully feared. We alone keep alive the great and noble traditions of our ancestors of Nagarythe. Only we follow the path laid by mighty Aenarion the Defender. Only we follow the True Way.

As it was in the ancient times, the glorious armies of the Witch King are drawn from the garrisons of our cities,bolstered by the elite formations such as the Executioners of Har Ganeth, and the mighty Cold One Knights. To become a commander who is feared by his enemies, you must learn the strengths and capabilities of your troops by heart. Heed me well as I recite the warriors that make up the Hosts of Naggaroth.


Base Sizes

Base Size (mm)Unit Strength
Character on Foot20x201
Cold One or Dark Steed Mounted Character25x502
Dark Pegasus Mounted Character40x403+1
Black Dragon Mounted Character50x506+1
Manitcore Mounted Character50x504+1
Chariot Mounted Character50x1004+1
Corsair, Warrior, Executioner, Harpy, Shade, Witch Elf, Black Guard20x201
Dark Rider, Cold One Knight25x502
Cold One Chariot50x1004
Reaper Bolt Thrower-2
War Hydra50x1006