Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

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The Skaven are a race of malevolent rat-men that inhabit the underground of the Warhammer world. The tunnels of their vast under-empire reach from the steaming jungles of the South Lands to the snow-covered steppes of Kislev, from the western borders of Estalia and Bretonnia to the lost realms of the Far East. Their capital is the mysterious city of Skavenblight, hidden in the centre of the foul marshes lying on the western borders of Tilea. There the mighty Lords of Decay, ruthless rulers of all Skaven, sit in the Council of Thirteen, scheming and planning in preparation for the time when their armies will emerge from their subterranean realm to raze the entire surface world and rule over its ruins. This is the ultimate ambition of the Skaven race, a destiny which is preached by the Grey Seers, who are powerful wizards and prophet of the Horned Rat - the malevolent Skaven deity.


Base Sizes

Base Size (mm)Unit Strength
Character on Foot20x201
Grey Seer on Bell40x604+1
Clanrat Slave, Clanrat, Giant Rat, Night Runner, Poison Wind Globadier, Stormvermin, Packmaster, Gutter Runner, Plague Monk, Plague Censer Bearer20x201
Rat Swarm40x403
Rat Ogre40x403
Warplock Jezzail25x502
Ratling Gun25x502
Warpfire Thrower25x502
Warp-lightning Cannon50x1003