Clan Eshin
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Master Assassin


Eshin Sorcerer


Night Runners (Mainstay Unit)
Clanrats (they are not a Mainstay Unit)
Clanrat Slaves
0-1 Stormvermin
0-1 Rat Swarm (if upgraded to Plague
Rats, count as a Special choice)


Gutter Runners
Giant Rats
Warlock Jezzails


Eshin Triad
Plague Monks
Plague Censer Bearers
Poisoned Wind Globadiers
Dogs of War

  • The Eshin army is principally employed to collapse command structures and hence gets +100 Victory Points for each enemy character killed in addition to the usual bonuses.

  • The elite Eshin Sorcerers have perfected their abilities to teleport their brethren into the desired place on the battlefield. When casting Skitterleap, the teleported model may even be placed in base contact with any enemy that is not fleeing, and counts as pursuing into fresh enemy models.

  • An army of 1,999 points or less and with no Eshin Sorcerors must include a Chieftain as its army general.