Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Spell Lists
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The Warhammer rulebook describes eight different kinds of magical lore each of which is represented by six spells making a total of 48 individual spells. Each Lore is based upon one of the eight magical traditions of the High Elves whose learning far exceeds that of any ocher race in the Warhammer world. The men of the Empire learned their sorcery from High Elf mages and so use the same system as their basis of study — though their knowledge is by no means as great.

The sorcery of the other races of the Warhammer world is also based upon one or more of the eight kinds of magic but often includes spells unique to a particular race. The Warhammer Army books contain further spell lists for specific armies where appropriate. There are two other types of magic which do not directly concern us here - High magic and Dark magic. These are described in the Warhammer Army books for the High Elves and Dark Elves respectively.

Dark Elves



Ogre Kingdoms


Tomb Kings

Vampire Counts

Wood Elves

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