Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

The Lore of Fire
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Fire magic is practiced in varying degrees of accomplishment by several races of the Warhammer world. In the Empire its secrets are kept by the Wizards of the Bright Flame, or Pyromancers, whose fire-topped towers rise above the city of Altdorf.

All of these spells are considered to be Fire attacks and cause double damage against flammable creatures.

1. Fire BallCasting Value: 5+

The fire ball is a magic missile with a range of up to 24". If successfully cast, the Fire Ball hits its target and causes D6 Strength 4 hits.

2. Flaming Sword of RhuinCasting Value: 6+

Remains in play. This spell can be cast by the Wizard on himself. It can be cast even if the Wizard is in close combat. Once it has been cast, the spell lasts until the Wizard attempts another spell.

A magical flaming blade materializes in the Wizard's grasp. This counts as a magic weapon. The Wizard gains +1 additional Attack to his profile for the duration of the spell. All the Wizard's attacks will hit on a basic score of 2+ and he adds +3 to his Strength whilst using the Sword of Rhuin. Whilst he has the Flaming Sword, the Wizard must use it as his sole weapon, he cannot combine it with other weapons.

3. Fiery BlastCasting Value: 8+

The Fiery Blast is an especially dangerous magic missile - it is an upmarket version of the Fire Ball, being both more powerful and harder to cast. The Fiery Blast has a range of up to 24". If successfully cast, the Fiery Blast hits its target and causes 2D6 Strength 4 hits.

4. Burning HeadCasting Value: 9+

A phantasmic flaming head shoots 18" from the caster in a straight direct path, laughing insanely as it burns a trail of destruction in its way. Each model that lies in the direct path of the Burning Head suffers a Strength 4 hit.

5. Conflagration of DoomCasting Value: 11+

This can be cast on any enemy unit anywhere on the table. If successfully cast, the target bursts into flames taking D6 Strength 4 hits. The target can take further hits depending on how long the fire burns. To represent this both players roll a D6. If the casting player's dice score is lower than or equal to his opponent's, the flames go out and nothing else happens, but if he rolls higher, add the dice roll to the number of hits caused. Both players then roll a further D6 and repeat the process until the casting player rolls equal to or less than his opponent. Once the casting player fails to roll higher, the fire goes out and no further hits are caused.

6. Wall of FireCasting Value: 12+

Remains in play. This spell has a range of 24" and can be cast on an enemy unit visible to the caster which has no models (friend or foe) within 1" of its front rank (walls. hedges and other scenic features don't matter). The spell cannot be cast on units with a 360° line of sight.

A searing wall of flame suddenly rises in front of the unit. To represent this take some cotton wool or paper and place this in a line up to 1" thick in front of the unit.

The unit suffers 1 automatic hit for each model (including characters) in its front rank. Each hit is resolved with a Strength of 4.

Once it is cast, the Wall of Fire remains where it is until it is dispelled, or until the Wizard chooses to end it (which he can do at any time), attempts to cast another spell or is slain. No further hits are caused by the Wall of Fire unless a unit tries to move through it, in which case each model that moves through the Wall of Fire suffers a further Strength 4 hit.

The Wall of Fire does not block the line of sight of archers and chargers, nor does it reduce a unit's Movement rate.

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