Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

The Lore of Beasts - Revised
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From the Warhammer Chronicles 2004, the Revised Lores of Magic are listed as "Trial Rules" but are considered "Unofficial, but Highly Recommended" by the Design Team.

The Lore of Beasts is the magic of Shamans and animal spirits. It is a sorcery of wild and primitive races, of creatures that shun the cities of Men, and of Men who have turned their backs upon the ways of their own kind.

1. The Oxen StandsCasting Value: 5+

This spell can be cast on any friendly fleeing unit on the tabtetop. If successful, the unit is rallies immediately.

This spell can be cast on an unengaged enemy cavalry unit, swarm, chariot or a single ridden or unridden monster which is within 24" of the caster. If successful, the creature/s become momentarily wild and uncontrollable.

The affected unit must take an immediate Leadership test. If passed, the unit only suffers a -1 Movement penalty during their next Movement phase (-2" if it marches or charges). The Movement of flyers is reduced to 12". If failed, the unit/monster immediately makes a compulsory move of 2D6" directly towards its own side's table edge, but halts if this move brings it into contact with a friendly unit, impassable terrain, or within 1" of any enemy. If the unit moves off the tabletop, it counts as having fled the battle.

Remains in play. This spell can be cast by the Wizard on himself or another roughly man-sized model on foot in the same unit while he is in close combat. The target becomes as wild and powerful as a mighty bear. He adds +3 Attacks, +2 Strength, and +1 Toughness to his characteristics. He cannot wield a weapon whilst using this spell.

Once cast, the spell lasts until it is dispelled, until the Wizard chooses to end it (which he can do at any time), attempts to cast another spell or the affected model is slain.

4. The Crow's FeastCasting Value: 7+

Corvos the Crow's Feast is a magic missile with a range of up to 24". If successfully cast, a flock of crows mobs the spell's target and causes 2D6 Strength 3 hits.

This spell can be cast on any enemy unit of cavalry, a chariot, a ridden monster, a lone monster such as a Great Eagle, or a swarm. The target of the spell must be on the tabletop and must be engaged in close combat.

If successfully cast, any creatures in the unit (but not their riders), will cower and therefore require 6s to hit in that turn's Close Combat phase. If 6s are required anyway, the creatures may not attack.

This spell can be cast on any friendly unit of cavalry, a chariot, a ridden monster, a monster on its own, or a swarm. The target must be within 24" of the caster and must not be engaged in close combat.

If the spell is cast successfully, the unit moves 2D6" towards the Wizard or an enemy unit that it can see. If no enemy are visible then it will not move. If the distance is sufficient to reach the enemy, the unit is deemed to have charged and all the normal charging rules apply, except that the enemy can only stand their ground - no other charge response is possible due to the speed of the spell.

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