Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Choosing a Scenario
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On this section are nine different scenarios, ranging in complexity. For your first few games. We recommend you just play the Pitched Battle scenario until you are confident with most of the Warhammer rules - there's quite a lot to learn without adding extra rules for a scenario!

Once you've got to grips with the basic Warhammer rules you might like to try out some of the other scenarios. The scenarios are presented in order of increasing complexity, so you might like to try scenarios 2 and 3 next.

Scenarios 1 through 5 all use an equal points value, so if you and your opponent have already agreed on the size of the battle to be played, you won't have to decide which scenario to play until you meet up. If you wish. you could randomly generate which of the scenarios you are playing after you have picked your armies - neither player knows exactly what they'll have to do and will need a balanced force to cover every eventuality. To randomly generate one of these scenarios, roll a dice and consult the following table:

The other battles use uneven points values or have additional restrictions on what to take in your armies and you will need to agree with your opponent beforehand which of these you want to play, as this will affect the size and/or type of army you can choose.

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