Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Creating Your Own Scenarios
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Making up a scenario to fight isn't as difficult as it might seem at first. Inspiration can come from many places, including military history, films, books or comics. If you follow the same format we have used for our scenarios, filling in the blanks as it were, you'll see that coming up with a little bit of history, deployment rules and victory conditions isn't hard. In fact, some players just play scenarios they've invented themselves, because they know best what armies and terrain they and their opponents have.

The scenarios all follow the same format:


This part gives an example from the Warhammer world of the type of battle the scenario outlines.


Provides a summary of what the armies are trying to achieve.


Details the size and composition of the armies that take part in the scenario. Any restrictions in this section are in addition to the normal rules for choosing an army, unless otherwise stated.


A map accompanies this short description of the battlefield, along with any special terrain rules used for the scenario.


This details where and in what order armies are set up.

Who Goes First?

Have a guess! Yes, this tells you how to determine which player gets the first turn.

Length of Game

Here you'll find out how long the battle lasts.

Special Rules

Any additional rules particular to the scenario will be found in this section.

Victory Conditions

This is where you can find out how to be victorious!

Historical Re-fight

Includes any notes about re-fighting the battle presented in the Background section.

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