Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Pitched Battle
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Battle of Nebelheim

This battle is often held up as an example of a true pitched battle, by scholars of the Empire.

In this battle the army of the Empire, led by Konrad, Elector count of Ostland, engaged a large horde of Orcs, led by Warlord Gorkfang. Knowing that the Orcs would press on regardless of losses and seek to overwhelm the Empire army by force of numbers alone, Konrad chose his ground carefully and devised a cunning plan. Then he deployed his army in the path of the invading Orc horde, forming up his carefully considered battle line in open, rolling terrain that formed a natural arena for the battle. Konrad then deliberately positioned thin lines of missile troops in the centre and big blocks of solid troops on the flanks.

The Orcs approached and seeing the apparently thin and weak centre, went into a headlong and ill-considered advance. Of course Konrad's centre gave way and the Orcs surged onward oblivious to the approaching doom. It was now time for Konrad, relying on the immense discipline of his men, to close the trap. The massive and resistant Empire formations on both flanks, swung inwards and hammered the Orc army from both sides. It is said that the Orcs were jammed together so closely in the melee that they were unable to use their weapons and so fell readily and in great heaps to the massed halberds of the Ostlanders. Gorkfang, himself fell, and his horde was annihilated. It was a famous victory.


Both armies are fully prepared for battle and their goal is simple - wipe out their enemy and take the field!


Both armies are chosen using the Warhammer army lists to an agreed points value.


Lay out the terrain in any mutually agreeable manner.



  1. Both players roll a dice, the player who scores highest can choose the side of the table to deploy his forces on.

  2. The players roll a dice, the highest scorer may choose whether to start deploying first or second.

  3. Taking it in turns, each player deploys one unit at a time, at least 24" from the opposing deployment zone.

  4. All war machines in a player's army are deployed at the same time, though they can be deployed in different parts of the battlefield.

  5. Champions are deployed with their unit, all other characters in the army are deployed after all other units, all at the same time.

  6. Scouting units are not deployed with the rest of the units. Instead they are placed on the table after all units in both armies have been deployed, as described in the rules for Scouts.

Who Goes First?

Both players roll a dice, the player who finished their deployment first (not including Scouts) may add +1 to their dice roll. The player who scores highest may choose whether to go first or second (re-roll ties).

Length of Game

The game lasts six turns or until one player concedes defeat.

Special Rules

There are no special rules in this scenario.

Victory Conditions

Unless one player concedes, use the Victory Points chart to determine who the winner of the battle is.

Historical Re-fight

To re-fight the Battle of Nebelbeim, simply use the Pitched Battle scenario as described. Of course, the Empire player cannot rely on his opponent being as reckless as Gorkfang, although he can try to be as cunning as Konrad. The battlefield is best represented by an open plain in the centre with perhaps low hills on the flanks to partially conceal either end of the Empire deployment zone from the approaching enemy.

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