Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Starting a Campaign
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Most experienced Warhammer players belong to a regular gaming group, either a formal club or an informal group of friends who routinely get together to fight battles. There are many advantages to forming an association with other players. For example, you can pool your resources to buy scenery or pay for the hire of rooms. Players can swap troops amongst themselves, and newcomers can come along and learn the skills of generalship, painting and scenery making.

However, one of the most entertaining group activities is to organise a campaign or league. There are many different ways to run a campaign, ranging from simply linking games together with an ongoing story (usually called a 'narrative campaign'), through to complex map-based campaigns. What follows is a description of the different ways you can approach running a campaign, to give you some idea of the different options available. After this, we've provided a full set of example rules that will allow you to run a simple campaign. Unlike the rules in the rest of this book, the campaign rules really are just an example of one way to run a campaign, and you should feel free to dive in and change them as you see fit for your own campaign. To be honest, being able to tailor the rules to suit your own style of play is one of the really great benefits of running campaign.

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