Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

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The simplest form of campaign, and one that is well suited to large clubs or gaming groups, is to run a league. In a league the players fight battles as they would normally, but score points depending on how well they do. For example, a win might be worth three points, a draw worth two points and a loss one point. The players' total points are tracked by the league's moderator and the current 'standings' can be posted up when players meet to play games so that everyone can see how well they are doing. You might want to include extra information on the standing sheet, like a player's average score, the number of battles he's fought, and so on.

It's possible to expand on this basic idea and add in some of the trappings of a 'proper' campaign. For example, you might say that a General who wins a battle can add +1 to his Leadership in the next battle he fights, or a unit that captures a Standard is allowed to re-roll a set of dice rolls in its next game. However, the main advantage of a league is that it is easy to run, so if you want to add in much more detail than this to your league you should instead consider running one of the other types of campaign described below.

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