Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Tide of Serpents
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Tehenhauin is at all times surrounded by a swarm of serpents, the beasts of the jungle that are drawn to him as a child of Sotek. These serpents make D6 Poisoned Attacks, as noted on Tehenhauin's profile. They may not be targeted separately, and are killed should the Prophet be removed as a casualty.

Tehenhauin may only join units of Jungle Swarms (not Lesser Swarms), and is counted as Unbreakable, and as a Skirmisher whilst with them. When on his own, Tehenhauin counts as a single model on foot. Tehenhauin and his tide of serpents have a Unit Strength of 3. The Lesser Swarms are able to make "Look Out, Sir!" rolls.

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