Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

"Look Out, Sir!"
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A character model who is part of a unit of five or more rank and file models may be lucky enough to avoid death from cannon shot, a boulder from a stone thrower, or any other attack using a template (such as spells which use templates), thanks to a warning shouted by a comrade. Possibly one of his companions shoves him out of the way, or pushes him to the ground. A warrior spots the fateful missile heading toward his leader, and shouts "Look out, Sir!" or some such warning, and hopefully alerts the character in time for him to duck or adroitly avoid the hurtling missile. The missile slips past the character and hits the man standing beside or behind him.

If a character is part of a unit of models of similar size (cavalry models cannot benefit from this rule in a unit of infantry, for example) and is hit by cannon fire, a stone thrower, or other missiles not governed by the normal target restriction, then roll a D6.

On the roll of a 1, the character fails to hear the warning and is hit. Work out damage as normal.

On a roll of 2 to 6, the character is alerted to the danger and avoids the missile. The character is not hit and the missile strikes another model instead, so transfer the hit onto the closest rank-and-file model in the unit.

Note that some magic spells work like conventional shooting, in which case the normal rules for shooting at characters with arrows, etc, will apply. In other cases, magic works in different ways, either like cannons or stone throwers or differently altogether. This is covered further in the Magic section.

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