Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Hit-and-Run Attack
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Terradons attack their prey by diving upon them, grasping them in their talons and pulling them high up into the air, before dropping them.

On any turn that Terradons charge, work out combat as normal. If the Terradons lose the combat or the combat is a draw, they do not take a Break test but automatically fall back (this is treated like fleeing, except that it does not cause panic in nearby units, and the Terradons automatically rally at the end of the fall back move). The enemy cannot pursue them. If the Terradons win the combat, before the enemy takes its Break test, the Terradons may elect to fall back. Regardless of whether the Terradons choose to fall back or not, the enemy must take a Break test as normal. If the Terradons elect to remain in combat then work out the results of the Break test and any pursuits as normal. This special attack may only be used on the turn that Terradons charge.

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