Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Move Fleeing Troops
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It is difficult to say precisely how far fleeing troops will run because they are no longer fighting as a body but milling around in a frightened mob. To represent this, dice are rolled to establish how far the fleeing unit moves. If the unit normally moves 6" or less roll 2D6. If the unit moves more than 6" roll 3D6. The result is the distance covered by the fleeing troops. Due to their disrupted formation, they ignore any penalty for obstacles and terrain (apart from impassable terrain).

Move the fleeing unit directly away from its enemy, so that the closest part of the unit is 2D6" or 3D6" away and facing in the opposite direction. Fleeing troops will move round friends where possible, but will move straight through friends if no other venue of escape remains. Individual fleeing models that would otherwise end up in the middle of a friendly unit are instead placed to the side or beyond them if this is the only option.

A fleeing unit is destroyed if caught by pursuers, as described under Pursuit.

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