Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

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Certain warriors can work themselves into a fighting frenzy, a whirlwind of destruction in which all concern for personal safety is ignored in favour of mindless violence. Many of these frenzied warriors are drugged or tranced, and have driven themselves into a psychotic frenzy with chancing, singing, yelling and screaming. These troops are described as frenzied. In the case of mounted troops, frenzy only affects the riders. No Psychology test is required for frenzy, and the following rules apply automatically:

After charges have been declared, measure to see if any enemies are within charge reach of any frenzied troops (ie, within the unit's charge move and in their normal charge arc). If so, the frenzied unit must charge that enemy. The player has no choice in the matter; the unit will automatically make its charge move. This automatic charge is done after charges have been declared, but you may declare normal charges with your frenzied troops if you wish. If there are several eligible units within the charge reach of the frenzied unit, the controlling player may decide which unit to charge.

Frenzied troops and characters fight with +1 extra Attack during close combat. Models that have 1 Attack on their profile therefore have 2, troops with 2 Attacks have 3, and so on. If models have an extra weapon then they will receive +1 extra Attack for this as normal, so if they have 1 Attack on their profile, they would receive 2 + 1 = 3 Attacks in total.

Frenzied troops and characters must pursue fleeing enemy whether the player wants them to or not. They even pursue if they are defending an obstacle. Unlike other troops, they may not attempt to hold back as they are far too crazed with battle lust. If they wipe their enemy out in the first Close Combat phase, they will always overrun their opponent. Frenzied troops may not elect to flee if they are charged - their bloodlust overcomes their concerns for safety.

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