Casting Gut Magic
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Each Butcher and Slaughtermaster knows all of the Gut Magic spells, as Butchers have a communal spiritual 'pool' from which they take their magic. If a Gut Magic spell has already been successfully cast that phase and a second Butcher wishes to cast the same spell, the Casting level is doubled to 6+. If a third Butcher wants to cast the same spell that phase, the Casting level is tripled to 9+, and so on.

Gut Magic spells cannot augment any unit that is not listed as an Ogre unit (this also includes Hunters, but Sabretusks will remain unaffected).

Butchers and Slaughtermasters accrue Casting and Dispel dice in the normal manner. A Butcher counts as a level 2 wizard and a Slaughtermaster counts as a level 4 wizard for the purposes of determining how many dice they add to the Casting/Dispel dice pool. However. Butchers may not allocate more than two dice to any one Gut Magic spell and Slaughtermasters may not allocate more than 3 dice.

Once a Gut Magic spell with a lasting effect has been successfully cast, place the appropriate token (photocopied from the reference page) or other marker next to the unit on which it has been played.

Unlike remains in play spells, a Butcher may have more than one Gut Magic spell in play at any one time, although no unit may have more than one Gut Magic spell in play upon it at any one time.

Any tests a Butcher must take are taken and resolved before any beneficial effects of the spell in question take effect. For instance, a Butcher may not benefit from the +1 Toughness granted by the Toothcracker spell when taking the associated Strength 6 hit. If a Butcher is killed by an wound he takes as a result of casting a Gut Magic spell, the spell fails immediately.

An opponent may dispel any Gut Magic spell in his own Magic phase as though it was a Remains in Play spell cast with a Power level of 7.

Note that in all cases references to 'Butcher' also apply to a Slaughtermaster.

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