Treasures of the Necropolis
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Note that High Liche Priests and Liche Priests may not take magic armour.

Magic Weapons

Destroyer of Eternities(Magic Weapon)70 points

The bloodthirsty King Nekhesh first wielded this massive, ornate blade in battle, smashing his foes in all directions and severing limbs and heads with each swing It is said that those slain by its blade have no chance of reaching the afterlife, and it was thus greatly feared in ancient Nehekhara. The sword was also used to ritually execute captured foes of the king, and it can cleave through armour, muscle and bone with ease.

Tomb King on foot only. Counts as a great weapon and has the Killing Blow special ability. The player may choose to attack normally with the Destroyer of Eternities or make a special attack If the special attack is chosen, all enemy models that are touching the Tomb King take two automatic hits. These hits do benefit from the special rules for great weapons and Killing Blow. If a target is riding a monster or a chariot, then both take two automatic hits. In a challenge, only the model engaged in the challenge counts as being in contact with the Tomb King.

The Blade of Mourning(Magic Weapon)50 points

Forged in the heart of Settra's pyramid on the centenary of the king's death, this blade leaves sorrow and despair in its wake.

If a unit suffers at least one wound from the Blade and loses the combat, any negative modifiers to the unit's Leadership for the subsequent Break test are doubled.

Blade of Setep(Magic Weapon)50 points

This highly ornamented curved sword belonged to King Setep of the 5th Khemrian Dynasty, and its edge shimmers with blue energy that can shatter armour.

Normal armour cannot save against the Blade of Setep. If an enemy model hit by this sword wears magical armour, then the first hit is automatically discounted (do not roll to wound) but the magical armour is destroyed for the remainder of the battle. Resolve any further hits as normal.

Crook & Flail of Radiance(Magic Weapon)50 points

These gleaming golden weapons represent the high status of the bearer, and all in his presence are humbled by the aura of majesty these weapons convey. Only the most powerful and influential leaders may bear these sacred symbols of rulership.

Tomb King or Tomb Prince only. +1 Attack. Always strikes first. If another character has this ability, then resolve the order of attacks in Initiative order. Requires two hands.

Flail of Skulls(Magic Weapon)45 points

This flail is made from the gilded skulls of conquered enemies. Enemies struck by the skulls are lacerated and savaged by their sharpened teeth, and bleed profusely from their wounds.

Counts as a flail. Each unsaved wound becomes two wounds.

Spear of Antarhak(Magic Weapon)35 points

Forged for the Tomb Prince Antarhak of Numas, this magical spear draws the life energy from the enemy and suffuses the welder with the stolen essence.

Follows all of the normal rules for a spear. In addition, for every unsaved wound inflicted by the Spear of Antarhak, either the character, his chariot or a unit he is accompanying immediately regains 1 Wound as if Diedra's Incantation of Summoning has been cast on them. Note that wounds inflicted by the enemy and subsequently healed by the Spear still count for combat resolution.

Serpent Staff(Magic Weapon)25 points

Crafted in the shape of a cobra, this staff can come to life and strike at its foe with a venomous bite.

High Liche Priests and Liche Priests only. Attacks with the Serpent Staff count as Poisoned Attacks. In addition, the model may re-roll any failed rolls to wound in close combat.

Magic Armour

Amour of Eternity(Magic Armour)70 points

Forged from the bronze of Marak, cooled in the blood of the giant lybrasian scorpion and gilded with red gold from Lahmia, this ancient breastplate can turn aside even the strongest blow.

Enemy models must re-roll successful rolls to wound against the character. Counts as light armour.

Scorpion Armour(Magic Armour)40 points

This armour is decorated with designs of the Scorpion God, and is infused with protective energies. The character can never suffer more than one wound due to combat resolution after any modifiers for being within 12" of the Battle Standard, etc).

If the wearer is with a unit, no more than half the wounds suffered due to combat resolution can be allocated against the character. For example, if the unit suffers four wounds, two wounds are lost by the unit and two wounds are allocated to the character of which one is ignored. Counts as heavy armour.

Armour of the Ages(Magic Armour)35 points

This armour imbues its wearer with the ability to continue fighting even when horrendously injured.

Counts as heavy armour. The bearer gains +1 Wound.

Shield of Ptra(Magic Armour)15 points

This mystical shield contains the energy of the Sun God Ptra, unleashed in a blinding flash of light.

Counts as a shield. If the bearer makes an Armour save any enemy unit in base contact reduces its WS to 1 for the remainder of the combat round.


Golden Ankhra(Talisman)45 points

Shaped in the Nehekharan symbol of eternity, the Ankhra surrounds the wearer with protective energies.

The model has a 4+ Ward save.

Amulet of Pha-stah(Talisman)40 points

Shaped like the rising moon over the dunes, the Amulet of Pha-stab projects a disruptive magical energy that counters the defences of the foe.

Any Arcane items, Enchanted items, Talismans or Runic Talismans belonging to enemy models in base contact with the wearer cease to function while they are in base contact.

A character with this item cannot take any other magic items.

Crown of Kings(Talisman)40 points

Worn by the rulers of Quatar since the city was founded, the Crown of Kings instils the undying will of the wearer into all those nearby.

Tomb King only. The Crown of Kings enables the Tomb King to roll two D6 for his "My Will Be Done!" incantations and to choose the highest score.

Collar of Shapesh(Talisman)25 points

This was created by a High Priest of Osir in ancient Kasabar Its powerful charm protects the wearer from harm, although the god of the Underworld, not to be thwarted, will duly steal the life from another.

For each wound that the bearer suffers (after saves, etc, but before any multiple wounds are calculated) roll a D6. On a 4+ the wound is transferred to any friendly model within 4" of the bearer's choosing If inflicted in combat, these wounds will still count for combat resolution. This second model may not make any Armour save or Ward save to avoid this automatic wound. If there is no friendly model within range, then the Collar of Shapesh has no effect.

Golden Eye of Rah-nutt(Talisman)25 points

This sigil was carved into the war chariot of the Tomb King Rah-nutt, and imbued his chariot with great power. It is said that arrows and spears bounced off the chariot's sides as Rah-nutt rode into battle.

Character in chariot only. The chariot itself gains a Ward save of 5+, which only works against hits struck against the chariot, and will not apply to the character. In addition, wounding hits of Strength 7 or more that would normally destroy the chariot automatically do normal damage instead.

Arcane Items

Staff of Ravening(Arcane Item)45 points

This staff unleashes the power of the famine bringing locusts of Nehekhard, and they descend on the foes of the Tomb Kings in a frenzied cloud.

Bound Item, Power Level 4. This spell is a magic missile with 18" range. The targeted unit suffers 3D6 Strength 2 hits.

Staff of Mastery(Arcane Item)40 points

Wielded by Amon-Shapa in the time before the Great Awakening, this copper staff draws magical energy from the Wind of Light to power the Liche Priest's spells.

The bearer adds +1 to the total rolled to determine the Power Level of his incantations.

Neferra, High Priestess to King Khutef, committed her knowledge to enchanted tablets so that it would never be lost.

The Priest may re-roll the dice rolled for any Incantation he's cast. Either all of the dice must be re-rolled or none.

Hieratic Jar(Arcane Item)25 points

This earthenware container is sealed and bound with glyphs of power Inside are the remains of a Liche Priest who has finally succumbed to the march of time, and it is a potent source of magical energy.

One use only. The liche Priest may release the energy of the Hieratic Jar during any Magic phase, just after he has cast his normal incantations). The Jar allows him to use an extra incantation that phase.

Enkhil's Kanopi(Arcane Item)20 points

Within this inauspicious clay vessel is the ancient heart of High Priest Enkhil, removed from his body when he was embalmed and entombed. A jealous and powerful priest when alive, his essence continues within his heart. When opened, it sucks the swirling magic energy from the air, drawing the power into the vessel itself.

Bound Item, Power Level 4. If activated successfully, all Remains in Play spells on the tabletop are automatically dispelled.

Enchanted Items

Blue Khepra(Enchanted Item)40 points

Fashioned from exotic sapphires and crafted in the shape of the flesh-eating, skull-carapaced Khepra beetle, this ornate brooch protects the wearer from baleful magical energy.

The bearer and the unit he joins have Magic Resistance (2).

Death Mask of Kharnut(Enchanted Item)35 points

The expressionless, gold Death Mask of Kharnut bas witnessed the doom of thousands over the centuries and the taint of death hangs heavy upon it.

A model wearing this mask causes terror.

Brooch of the Great Desert(Enchanted Item)25 points

Inlaid with gold and lapis lazuli, this brooch was first used against the foul necromancy of Nagash, hampering the effectiveness of his dark magic. Each time it is used, its powers are drained, requiring careful incantations from the Liche Priests to restore it to full effect.

One use only. As soon as an enemy spell is cast, the Brooch of the Great Desert may be used to automatically dispel it, just like a Dispel Scroll. Note that as with Dispel Scrolls, the Brooch cannot be used to dispel a spell that is cast with Irresistible Force.

Chariot of Fire(Enchanted Item)25 points

The wheels and scythes of the mighty hero's chariot blaze with mystical flames.

Character in chariot only. The character's chariot does D6+1 impact hits, rather than D3. Impact hits from the Chariot of Fire count as both magical attacks and flaming attacks.

Cloak of the Dunes(Enchanted Item)20 points

Bound with the magic of the deserts, the cloak enables the wearer to transform into a whirling cloud of sand and move rapidly across the battlefield.

Characters on foot only. The character can move as if flying, but may not charge whilst using this special movement. He pursues 3D6".

Icon of Rulership(Enchanted Item)20 points

The hero's chariot carries a mighty totemic pole proclaiming his victories over the enemies of the Tomb Kings, that pulses with an aura of greatness.

Character in chariot only. May be taken in addition to another item in the Enchanted Items list. The character's chariot has +1 Unit Strength (so will be worth a total Unit Strength of 5).

Vambraces of the Sun(Enchanted Item)15 points

These ancient armbands of intricately decorated bronze are infused with the intensity of the sun. In battle, this harnessed power dazzles the wearer's opponents.

One model in base contact, chosen by the bearer, loses 1 Attack. Against mounted models, the Tomb Kings player must choose either the mount/monster or the rider. If the model has several types of attack, the Tomb Kings player chooses which type of attack is lost. This has no effect against foes which do not use their Attacks value in combat, such as Giants.

Magic Standards

Standard of the Sands(Magic Standard)75 points

Created for the famed general Amenemhetum the Great, this banner summons a raging storm of sand that sweeps over the battlefield. With screaming winds and biting sand assaulting them, the enemies of the Tomb Kings become momentarily disorientated and confused.

One use only. At the start of any of your opponent's turns, the Standard of the Sands may be activated. The opponent may not make any march moves (even Dwarfs!) during the Movement phase of that turn, although skirmishers and man-sized single models on foot may move as normal. In addition, all units attempting to rally suffer -1 to their Leadership for that player's turn only.

Banner of the Hidden Dead(Magic Standard)60 points

Belonging to the fabled Legion of Hawks, the elite guard of Settra before his mummification, the Banner of the Hidden Dead summons one of his regiments from their honoured place in the Underworld.

One use only. At the beginning of the game, nominate one unit within your army that is to be hidden beneath the ground. This unit must be a Core Unit choice, and cannot cost more than 100 points. This unit is not deployed at the beginning of the game. The banner may be used to unearth the unit during the remaining moves part of any Tomb Kings Movement phase. The entire unit must be placed within 18" of the Banner and at least 1" away from any enemy models. It may move normally on the turn it appears.

Icon of the Sacred Eye(Magic Standard)50 points

The arcane power of this stylised icon of the unblinking eye infuses the unit that carries it within their ranks, making their blows strike true.

In the first round of every combat, all models in the unit (including steeds) get +1 to hit.

Icon of Rakaph(Magic Standard)40 points

King Rakaph I was an unparalleled tactician. Troops fighting under his banner are instilled with unmatched discipline.

Tomb Guard or Skeleton Warriors only. A unit of Tomb Guard or Skeleton Warriors containing this banner may make a free reform move at the start of its Movement phase. This is done before charges are declared, so that a unit with the Icon of Rakaph may charge on the turn it reforms.

Mirage Standard(Magic Standard)40 points

Imbued with the curses of a hundred Nehekharan widows, this banner leads the enemies' minds astray, rendering them almost blind to where the unit bearing the banner actually is.

Any missile weapons that roll to hit must re-roll all successful rolls to hit when firing against a unit that contains the Mirage Standard. Against missile weapons that do not require a roll to hit (such as cannons and stone throwers), all models in the unit containing the Mirage Standard gain a 5+ Ward save.

Banner of the Undying Legion(Magic Standard)25 points

This great standard was once the ornamental decoration above the tomb of King Lahmizzar's Jackal Legion. Now it contains the power to restore the fallen.

Standard of the Cursing Word(Magic Standard)25 points

This magic icon contains a powerful curse similar to that which protects the Tomb Kings and Princes in their eternal slumber.

Each enemy model in base contact with the Standard Bearer at the start of the Tomb Kings' Magic phase must pass a Leadership test (on their own unmodified Ld) or lose a wound (with no Armour save allowed).