Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Tomb Kings
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The ancient realm of Nehekhara was once the greatest civilisation of Men in the world, but hundreds of years before the rise of Sigmar the treachery of the Great Necromancer, Nagash, almost destroyed and enslaved this mighty realm. Brought back to immortal unlife by arcane magic, the Tomb Kings of Nehekhara continue to lead their Undead armies, fighting to protect their mighty empire from the depredations of the lesser races and expand their dominion even further.


Base Sizes

Base Size (mm)Unit Strength
Character on Foot20x201
Chariot Mounted Character50x1003+1
Skeletal Steed Mounted Character25x502
Skeleton Warrior, Tomb Guard20x201
Skeleton Light Horseman, Skeleton Heavy Horseman25x502
Tomb Swarm40x403
Tomb Scorpion40x403
Bone Giant50x506
Screaming Skull Catapault-3