Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Slann Generations
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There were five original spawnings of Slann created by the Old Ones after they arrived on the world, and none have been spawned since their departure. Each of the different spawnings had a particular role to play in the Old Ones' plans, and each of them wields unfathomable power. Much of their power is purely instinctual, for they are naturally gifted and magical beings, and their grasp on manipulating the winds of magic are unparalleled. They are the unmatched masters of the magical arts - indeed they were its first true practitioners - and it was they who taught the arts of sorcery to the Elves in millennia long past.

All Slann start off as Fifth Generation spawnings. You may upgrade your Slann to older Generations at the points cost listed below. These points are not cumulative (so if you want your Slann to be of the Third Generation, you pay only +85 points).

An older generation Slann has all the abilities and upgrades that earlier generations have. All Generation abilities and bonuses are cumulative.

Fifth Generation(Ability)Free

When a Slann Mage-Priest selects his spells before a battle he is allowed more freedom than normal. He may use any Lore from the Warhammer rulebook. What's more, a single Slann can choose from more than one Lore instead of being limited to just one. Truly these creatures are masters of magic!

How do you do this? Pick a list, roll a dice to see what you get, choose the default spell instead if you like and then choose another list or the same one again. You cannot have the same spell from the same list more than once per Wizard as normal, so re-roll duplicate results. However, you could have the same effect from two different spells, eg, Fire Ball and Dark Hand of Death.

Slann are so powerful that they add +1 to their attempts to both cast and dispel.

Fourth Generation(Ability)+40 points

Whenever a Fourth Generation Slann Mage-Priest suffers a Miscast, the spell automatically fails but no roll on the Miscast Table is taken.

Third Generation(Ability)+85 points

Third Generation Slann use up an extra Hero choice (so they take up a Lord and a Hero choice).

In addition to any other spells, they also know Drain Magic spell and have +1 wound.

However, Slann of the Third Generation are so ancient and revered that if one is killed in a game, the Lizardmen player's opponent gains 100 Victory Points added to his total at the end of the battle. If the scenario does not use Victory Points then the demise of the Slann has no effect.

Second Generation(Ability)+135 points

Second Generation Slann use up an extra Hero choice, as well as a Rare Unit choice (so they take up a Lord choice, a Hero choice and a Rare Unit choice).

Every spell cast by the Slann may have an extra dice added to it after the dice have been rolled. This extra dice does not come from the Slann player's pool of Power dice, and is in affect a 'free' dice. This extra dice may cause Irresistible Force or Miscasts as normal. In addition, the Slann has +1 Wound (remember this is cumulative, so a Second Generation Slann has 2 more Wounds than a Fourth or Fifth Generation Slann).

However, as a Slann of the Second Generation is so ancient and revered, if he is killed in battle then the Lizardmen's opponent gains an extra 100 Victory Points at the end of the battle (remember this is cumulative, so the opponent gets an additional 200 Victory Points total, including the 100 for Third Generation). If the scenario does not use Victory Points then the demise of the Slann has no additional effect.

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