Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

The Power of the Ancients
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The Engine of the Gods contains within its arcane workings the power to call down the wrath of the Old Ones upon the foes of the Lizardmen, manifesting as a blinding orb arcing from the sky to burst amongst the ranks of the enemy.

The Engine is a stone thrower, as described in the Warhammer Rulebook, and in addition, its attacks are counted as Magical and Flaming. The Engine has no crew as such, but shooting attacks against it are randomised between the Arcanadon and the Engine as described in the Warhammer Rulebook. The Engine itself may not be targeted separately in close combat. In addition, the Engine has a 360° field of fire, and can move and fire - it does not need to turn to face the direction in which it is shooting. Should the Engine roll a Misfire result of '1', the entire model is removed as a casualty as devastating energies cascade out of control.

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