Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Skirmish Screen
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Skinks and Kroxigors often fight in closely linked formations, the smaller Skinks scouting out the enemy for the Kroxigors to charge. When the Skinks find the enemy they chirrup back to the Kroxigors who then charge through the screen of Skink skirmishers.

Both Skinks and Kroxigors are separate units and follow all the normal rules. In addition, Kroxigors may see and charge through Skink units (including Chameleon Skinks) that are not fleeing. However, the Skinks often have to leap out of the way of these charging behemoths, and may drop to the ground while they thunder past. A Skink unit that has a unit of Kroxigors charge through them must take a Leadership test. If this is failed, they may not voluntarily move that turn.

Enemy units charged by Kroxigor through a skirmish screen may stand & shoot as normal. For the purposes of working out range and whether the unit can stand & shoot at all (if the Kroxigor are within half their charge distance), measure the distance to the point from which the Kroxigor emerge (ie, the front of the Skink unit).

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