Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Army of Kroq-Gar
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Kroq-Gar leads a fast moving army that strikes terror in the hearts of those who face it. By the will of the Old Ones, it is said, the first spawnings on Albion have produced Saurus blessed by Itzl, instinctively knowing how to ride the vicious Cold Ones, and these have been incorporated into Kroq-Gar's battle force.

Kroq-Gar will always be the army General. even if there is a model with a higher Leadership in the army. Any army led by Kroq-Gar may take Saurus Cavalry as Core unit choice and the army must include at lease one unit of Saurus Cavalry. In addition, Saurus Warriors count as Special unit choices. If they have a Blessed Spawning, then they become a Rare unit. They cannot have two Blessed Spawnings.

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