Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Victory Points (Scenarios)
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Many of the scenarios use Victory points to determine who has won the battle. Victory points (sometimes shortened to VPs) are a way of measuring how much damage has been clone to the enemy army, as well as other factors such as a better tactical position and morale-boosting endeavours like capturing enemy banners. A player scores Victory points as shown in the Victory Points Chart. Compare the difference between the players' scores and size of the battle on the second chart to determine the result.

You receive a number of Victory points equal to the points value of each enemy unit either destroyed, fleeing or having fled the table.

For example, a unit worth 400 points is worth 400 Victory points.

Each independent character is counted as a separate unit for this purpose, and characters mounted on monsters are also counted separately from their mount.

Eg, a Hero on a Dragon is slain, but the Dragon is still alive, score Victory points for the Hero only.

You also receive Victory points for each enemy unit reduced to below half its original starting number of models, and Independent models (characters, chariots and monsters) reduced to below half their starting number of wounds.

Do not count this if Victory points have already been scored for the unit being wiped out, as detailed above. Score Victory points equal to half the unit's points value (round up).

Eg, a unit worth 325 points is worth 163 Victory points if reduced to below half strength.

Divide the table into four quarters. Each table quarter that contains at least one of your units with a Unit Strength of 5 or more that is not fleeing, and no enemy units which are not fleeing - 100 Victory points.

Enemy General slain, fleeing or having fled the table - 100 Victory points in addition to Victory points scored for being a destroyed unit.

Each enemy unit Standard captured at the end of the battle - 100 Victory points.

Enemy Battle Standard captured at the end of the battle 100 VPs.

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