Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Last Stand
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Eldreth's Last Stand, Imperial Year 1575

It is not usual for a Dwarf army to be in the position of surrounding the enemy on the battlefield. More often than not it is the other way round. In this battle, known only from the Saga of Thurgar Elfhater, which occurred sometime in the last years of the great War of the Beard between Elves and Dwarfs, a Dwarf force managed to corner a much smaller Elf army. This was probably because the Elves had found themselves in mountain terrain which the Dwarfs knew well. The Elves, of whom we know little except that they were led by Eldreth, a very noble, but somewhat reckless commander, had no option but to defend themselves against the Dwarfs in the hope of slaying all of them. With true Dwarf determination and many grudges to be avenged, there could be no chance of surrender and no quarter would be given on either side. According to the saga, the Elves fought on until darkness fell and then those who remained, being few in number, managed to escape from the tired and exhausted Dwarfs, taking their banner and the body of their slain leader with them.


In this battle a vastly outmatched defender must sell the lives of his troops as dearly as possible.


Both armies are chosen using the Warhammer Army lists. The defender has half the points of the attacker. Eg, 2,000 points of attackers would face 1,000 points of defenders.


Set up the terrain in an agreed manner.



  1. The defender must set up their army first, in an 18" square centred on the middle of the table. All of the units must face towards the same table edge. Scouting units must be set up with the rest of the army.

  2. The attacker then deploys their army. They may set up anywhere at least 24" from a defending unit. Scouting units may be set up at least 18" from the enemy.

Who Goes First?

The defender goes first.

Length of Game

The game lasts until the defenders are all either dead or fleeing.

Special Rides

The defenders are expecting to the and so are immune to panic.

Victory Conditions

Calculate Victory points for destroyed attacking units and attacking units reduced to below half strength. If the result is more than the starting points value of the defenders, the defenders win, even if they were wiped out. If it is less than half the starting points value of the defenders, then the attackers win. Any other result is a draw.

Historical Re-fight

Eldreth's Last Stand takes part between a Dwarf army and a High Elf war host. The Dwarfs are attacking, but may not take any blackpowder war engines (bolt throwers and stone throwers only) and may not field Thunderers. Such technology had not been developed by the Dwarfs at the time of the battle. The High Elves may not include any mounted troops or chariots.

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