Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

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The Battle of Pine Crags, Imperial Year 1350

Grungni Goldfinger led an expedition of Dwarf treasure hunters down from the Grey Mountains into the Forest of Loren, seeking burial mounds to rob. Grungni only had old Dwarf sagas and legends to guide him, which dated back to the days before the War of the Beard. The mounds he was seeking were probably chose of the wild heaths which surround the Forest of Loren to the north and west. Grungni's route would thus have to pass through Loren, which had since become the realm of the Wood Elves. The invading force was either unaware of this or recklessly overconfident.

The Dwarfs felled trees and lit fires as they went, which alarmed the Wood Elves dwelling in the forest. When the Dwarfs approached the sacred glades of the Elves, this provoked them to resist. As the invaders advanced along a ravine known to the Wood Elves as the Pine Crags, the Wood Elves, led by Findol ambushed them.

The Elves attacked the Dwarfs with arrows while remaining concealed in the trees and drew the reckless Dwarfs onwards, while the rest of the Wood Elf force closed in from behind. In these circumstances, the Wood Elves would not need to outnumber the Dwarfs and may even have been a smaller force.

Despite forming a shield-wall, the Dwarfs were unable to fight their way back out of the ravine and were all slain.


In this scenario a smaller force takes advantage of surprise and better position to ambush a larger force.


Both armies are chosen using the Warhammer Army lists. The defender has 50% more points than the attacker (rounding fractions down). Eg, 1,500 points of attackers would face 2,250 points of defenders.


Set up the terrain in an agreed manner.



  1. The defender must set up their army first, in the deployment zone shown on the map. All units must face towards the same table edge. They do not have to deploy their Scouts until the attacker has set up their army.

  2. The attacker then deploys their army. At least one third of the attacker's units (not counting Scouts, characters and monsters) must be in each deployment zone.

  3. The defender then deploys any Scouts, followed by the attacker deploying their Scouting units.

Who Goes First?

The attacker goes first.

Length of Game

The game lasts for five turns.

Special Rules

There are no additional special rules.

Victory Conditions

Calculate Victory points for destroyed units and units below half strength. Do not award Victory points for anything else. The player with the highest Victory points total is the winner.

Historical Re-fight

The battle took place between Dwarfs and Wood Elves, in a ravine with heavily wooded sides. Other than this, the normal scenario rules apply.

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