Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Magic Phase Sequence
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1. Cast
The player decides that one of his Wizards is casting a spell. He nominates the target of the spell and decides how many Power dice he wants to use to cast the spell. The number of Power dice he can use is limited by the caster's level.

To cast a spell successfully; the caster must roll equal to or greater than the casting value of the spell. Add the results of the dice together to determine how difficult the spell will be to dispel.

If two or more of the dice come up as 6s, the spell is case with Irresistible Force and cannot be dispelled. If any two or more dice come up as 1s, the spell is Miscast (refer to the Miscast Table).

2. Dispel
The opposing player may attempt to counter the spells using one or more of his Dispel dice. He will have to roll equal to or greater than the score rolled by the casting player. If two or more dice come up as 1s, the dispel automatically fails.

3. Spell Fails or Spell Succeeds
Apply the effect of the spell if it succeeds.

4. Cast Again
Provided that he has more spells to cast and more Power dice remain, the player whose turn it is can cast again.

5. Dispel Any Spells In Play
Once the first player has finished casting his spells, the opposing player may dispel any spells in play if he has any Dispel dice left. The casting player may use any remaining Power dice that he has to try to dispel spells in play.

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