Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

High Elves
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"Ah, there you are young master! I thought I might find you here among the many weapons of the training rooms. And yes, I know that you cannot be a general and cower at the rear, but you must understand the strategy of the whole army, as well as the derail of individual swordplay. You will destroy the enemies of Ulthuan by crushing them with your armies, not with your own sword.

But crush them you shall, of that I have no doubt, for you will lead an army of noble High Elves. For five thousand years we have defended our shores from all who would conquer us. Even in our darkest hour, when our own kin rose up and betrayed us, we fought with such determination and martial skill that they were vanquished.

But before you do this you must understand how to command your army. To conduct its many diverse parts into a symphony of destruction. To weave the potent sorceries of your battle mages with the rain of deadly shafts from our archers. To form an impregnable line of spears from which the amwured might of your cavalry can leap to smash the foe.

And if you learn all these things then, and only then, will you be a true prince."


Base Sizes

Base Size (mm)Unit Strength
Character on Foot20x201
Elven Steed Mounted Character25x502
Griffon Mounted Character50x504+1
Dragon Mounted Character50x506+1
Chariot Mounted Character50x1004+1
Archer, Lothern Seaguard, Spearman, Shadow Warrior, Swordmaster, Phoenix Guard, White Lion20x201
Silver Helm, Dragon Prince, Ellyrian Reaver25x502
Tiranoc Chariot50x1004
Eagle's Claw Bolt Thrower-2
Great Eagle40x403