Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Empire Knightly Orders
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To further characterise your Crusade army here are some experimental rules for the different Knightly Orders of the Empire. If you choose to play one of the orders below then all that Order's units must take the upgrades, you cannot have some units with the special ability and some without. You can also try these rules for the Knights in a standard Empire army. You will need units of Knights painted in suitable colours and heraldr so it is obvious to your opponent which Knightly Orders are present on the battlefield. The Empire is home to the many Knightly Orders that protect its boundaries and peoples. These are cults and brotherhoods of elite, armoured warriors that recruit from the sons of Imperial nobles. An Empire army is as reliant on its heavy cavalry provided by the Knightly Orders as it is the solid blocks of infantry and devastating war machines. If the Empire is threatened then an order may embark upon a crusade. The points cost shown is to be added to the basic cost of the Knight (23 points). Knights of the Inner Circle must add additional 5 points per model.

If you intend to use these rules then your unit of Knights should be painted in the appropriate colours. This is not to say that you can't make up your own Knightly Order and then use one of the below abilities, as long as your opponent knows about it and the background for your Knightly Order fits in with the rules used.

Knights of the Blazing Sun

The Knights of this order are located deep in the South of Middenland. They are a small but much respected order with a distinguished history. They were the first of the Knightly Orders from the west to travel to Nuln and join with Magnus. The knights take great pride in their weapons and abilities. They can often be seen charging on the battlefield in their highly polished and resplendent armour of black and gold. The Order has developed a technique using their polished mirrored shields to focus sunlight onto the enemy's face as they charge. This disorientates and dazzles the poor fools just before they are charged down.

Blinding Light: +3 points per model (+8 Inner Circle)

Before you charge with the Knights roll a D6. A roll of one means there is no sun (it's raining or overcast) and so the Blinding Light cannot be used this charge. Any other result means there is enough sun light for the Knights to dazzle their enemies as they charge. The enemy unit being charged which opts to stand and fire is at an additional -1 to hit due to the light being directed into their face.

Reiksguard Knights

The Reiksguard Knights form the bodyguard of the Emperor. The Order was first founded during the reign of Wilhelm, the first Emperor of the lineage of the Princes of Altdorf. Devout Templars of Sigmar, Reiksguard Knights swear to give their lives to protect the Emperor, who is the living incarnation of Sigmar. Their Grand Master is the Reiksmarshall of the Empire Kurt Helborg, commander of all the Empire forces, second only to the Emperor himself. Reiksguard traditionally wear silver armour with red and white trim and decoration.

Stubborn: +5 points per model (+10 Inner Circle)

Reiksguard are highly disciplined and fiercely loyal especially in their roll as the Emperors personal bodyguard. Reiksguard are Stubborn as described on page 85 of the Warhammer Rulebook.

Knights Panther

The Knights Panther trace their origins to the wars against Araby, when returning crusaders brought back outlandish animals from the east. Some of these Knights adopted the panther as their emblem creating the Order of the Knights Panther. The Knights of this order wear armour of dark blue and silver.

Arabian War-Horses: +8 points per model (+13 Inner Circle)

The Knights Panther ride horses with a bloodlineage from the great steeds of Araby. When charging you may add an extra D6 inches onto the Charge range. (Cannot be used with the Steel Standard).

Note: The Knights Panther's sister order the Knights Jaguar may also have the same ability.

Black Knights Of Morr

Encased in obsidian black armour and deathly silent when on battlefield. They are the dark guardians of the Empire. When parents wish to get their children to sleep at night they tell them that the Knights of Morr will come for them unless they rest. Held in a mixture of fear and respect by the Imperial military and the other Knightly Orders no one can doubt their martial prowess as they despatch enemies with silent efficiency. There are many dark whispers about the secret rites involved in becoming a Knight of Morr.

Fearless: +6 points per model (+11 Inner Circle)

The Black Knights of Morr are immune to the effects of Fear and Terror as described in the Warhammer Rulebook.

Knights of the Twin-tailed Orb

Their shields proudly display the emblem of the twin-tailed comet - the sigil of Sigmar, and the colours blue, orange and yellow predominate on their armour. The Knights are a religious sect located high in the Middle Mountains. They believe Sigmar has joined with the comet and now looks down upon the Empire searching for fearless warriors to join him in his celestial abode.

Zealous: +10 points per model (+15 Inner Circle)

The Knights of the Twin-Tailed Orb are fanatical Templars who charge into battle with the religious intensity of a Warrior Priest. When charging the Knights gain an extra attack for the first round of combat only.

Sons of Mannan

The Sons of Mannan worship the Empire god of the Sea. They are a widespread order with many temples, particularly in coastal towns in the North, where worship of the sea god is needed to calm the infamously rough Sea of Claws. When the Knights go to war they wear turquoise and white armour and are often accompanied by a Priest of Mannan who will bless the Knights weapons shortly before they charge into battle.

Blessing of the Sea God: +12 points per model (+17 Inner Circle)

The Knights may re-roll any misses on their first round of combat.

Knights Griffon

The Knights Griffon are arguably the most drilled and militaristic order in the modern Empire. Their daily rituals mostly consist of strict martial training. A veteran Knight Griffon is the epitome of discipline and soldiery on the field of battle. They wear dark green and gold.

Well Drilled: +10 points per model (+15 Inner Circle)

The Knights Griffon are so well trained they manoeuvre as a unit with seamless efficiency. A unit of Knights Griffon may reform at the beginning of the turn (as described on page 50 of the Warhammer rulebook) they may then move or charge at half rate (Movement of 4, Charge range of 8). If you intend to Charge then you must declare it as normal.

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