Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

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Some troops will fight on in close combat almost regardless of casualties. This can be because they consider themselves to be elite, have taken severe vows to hold their ground in combat or are simply too dumb to flee when defeated by superior troops! Sometimes troops will fight stubbornly against certain enemies because of honour, vows or racial animosity, and fight normally against other enemies. These troops are referred as being stubborn.

The following rules apply:

Stubborn troops take all Break tests on their unmodified Leadership value. They do not reduce this value regardless of any combat results, how many casualties they have suffered or other combat bonuses. This means, for example, that stubborn troops with a Leadership value of 9 will only ever break on the roll of 10 or more when making a Break test. If a stubborn unit contains characters with higher Leadership values than the rank-and-file troops who are not themselves stubborn, the character's Leadership value can be used to take the test, but it is still subject to the normal modifiers for a Break test. Use either the Leadership value of the character leading the unit or the unit's own Leadership value, depending on which results in the higher value for passing a Break test.

Characters that are part of a stubborn unit but are not stubborn themselves will not have to take a separate Break test - they benefit and gain from the determination of the troops around them! Stubborn units led by stubborn characters can use the character's unmodified Leadership value for Break tests. Note that any troops who are not stubborn but are led by a stubborn character may use his Leadership value for Break tests, but the roll is modified as normal.

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