Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Log Rams
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Log rams are massive tree trunks used to knock down castle gates. Easy to make and use, the log ram is the ideal weapon for the besieging General on a tight budget.

Log Rams in Units

At least four man-sized models are needed to carry a log ram. Large creatures, such as Ogres, count as two man-sized creatures. You may only buy one log ram for each infantry unit in your army. Units with log rams move as normal, so they may march, wheel and turn, etc.

A unit carrying a log ram may charge against a gate, wall or a tower, and make a single attack during each Close Combat phase. The Strength of the attack is equal to the number of models in the regiment carrying the ram, up to a maximum of 8. Log rams cause D6 wounds per attack. Only one ram at a time may attack a gate.

A regiment carrying a log ram fights normally in close combat, although a log ram cannot be used in mêlées at all. A unit can abandon it at any time it wishes (if the troops manage to break down the gate for example). Put the ram on the ground or remove the model.

Position the log ram at the front of the unit, in the centre of it, or as centrally as you can (see the diagram). Any number of models are permitted in the regiment carrying the ram, although at least four are needed to carry the ram. The regiment still counts its rank bonus as normal.

Positioning a Log Ram: Because this unit is only three models wide, the log ram has had to be placed slightly off centre.


A unit with a log ram will abandon it if they flee because of panic, terror, a failed Break test, etc. Leave the log ram where the unit failed its test. Another regiment may pick up the abandoned ram by moving into base contact with it. Place the ram in the middle of the unit as normal. A unit which is subject to stupidity may not carry a log ram.

Points cost: 10 points for each log ram.

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