Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Battering Rams
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This is a larger version of the log ram, with the log suspended on a wheeled frame. It is ideal for breaking down fortress gates and is covered with a wooden roof to give protection against arrows and other nasties the enemy might pour down the walls. The heads of battering rams are often made to resemble ferocious creatures such as bulls, wolves or Dragons. The same rules apply to battering rams as to log rams, with the following exceptions:

Battering Rams in Units

A battering ram is positioned in a unit as shown above. Any number of models are permitted in the unit pushing a battering ram, although at least six models are needed to move it. The unit still counts its rank bonus as normal. Due to the weight of the ram, any unit pushing it suffers a -1 Movement penalty.

Positioning a Battering Ram: When a unit contains a battering ram, form the troops around it as shown above. It is then counted as part of the unit.


The battering ram's mantlet has been specifically designed to provide protection for the unit from things such crossbow bolts, arrows, dropped missiles, etc. All missile fire targeted against a unit that is using battering ram is randomised using the following table. This represents the troops huddling behind the mantlet.




Battering ram



A battering ram has the following profile, and it can be attacked in close combat.

ProfileAs crew--6-875---

Points cost: 50 points for each battering ram.

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