Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Weapons and Units
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It is usual for all the models in a unit to carry the same weapons. So, a unit will be a unit of Spearmen, a unit of Halberdiers, a unit of Crossbowmen, etc. It is acceptable for a unit to include a minority of models that are differently armed for the sake of a varied and interesting appearance, but the whole unit still counts as being armed as the majority. Where models are varied in this way, it is important that the overall appearance of the unit is not misleading.

All troops and characters are assumed to carry hand weapons, such as swords, long daggers, axes, clubs, maces and comparable weaponry. In addition, some troops carry another weapon such as a spear, Great Axe, or halberd. At the start of the first turn of a combat, troops can choose which of their weapons to use. Whichever weapon they use must be used for the entire combat. Eg, troops armed with Great Axes may opt to fight with their swords if they do not wish to suffer the penalty of striking last, but must then fight with swords for the duration of the entire combat.

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