Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Pistol (hand-to-hand)
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A pistol is an exceptional weapon in that it can be used both in close combat and shooting for distance. For this reason it is included in both the Close Combat and Missile lists. Pistols are primitive weapons that employ a noxious and rather unreliable form of gunpowder to propel a small lead or stone bullet.

In close combat, a pistol can be used in and hand whilst the other hand holds either a hand weapon or another pistol. In this respect the pistol acts like a hand weapon and uses the Fighting with a Weapon in Each Hand rule, conferring +1 additional Attack.

In the first turn of a combat engagement a pistol counts as having Strength 4 and also has an Armour piercing attack, reducing the enemy's Armour save by a further -1. This applies to all attacks if the model carriers a pistol in each hand, but only to the single additional attack if a warrior is fighting with a hand weapon and a pistol. This represents the pistol's shot. In the second and subsequent rounds of the engagement the wielder uses the heavy butt of his pistol/s like a club, so after the first round, a pistol is considered to be equivalent to an ordinary hand weapon.

For example, a warrior who is fighting with a pistol in each hand fights with Strength 4 and the Armour piercing modifier in the first turn of combat and fights as with hand weapons thereafter. However, a warrior with a sword in one hand and a pistol in the other strikes on Attack with the pistol (Strength 4/Armour piercing) and remaining Attacks with the hand weapon in the first turn of combat, but in subsequent turns he counts as having only hand weapons.

Rules: Strength 4 in the first turn of combat, Armour piercing in the first turn of combat.

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