Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Profiles (Cannons)
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Cannons are hand forged by master craftsmen, and each is different with little standardisation in the way of calibres or length. Individual cannons can be huge, but most are either large cannons, such as the Empire Great Cannon, or smaller cannons.

Details are given below for typical examples. The difference between the two types is range and damage. Bigger cannons carry a larger charge and so have a longer range and cause more damage.

Cannon48"10D3No armour save
Great Cannon60"10D6No armour save

Cannons are cast from iron or bronze and are built into solid carriages. They are very difficult to destroy, although the enemy may try to attack them with other war machines, large monsters or magic, for example. Therefore they have a profile with a Toughness value and number of Wounds which they can sustain before they are destroyed. As with other details these may vary, but the typical cannons have a value shown here.

The Move rate is the speed that the cannon can be moved by a full crew, assuming that the cannon's carriage has wheels. A cannon which does not have wheels cannot be moved. If any crew are slain, the cannon's speed is reduced proportionally.

A cannon cannot move and shoot in the same turn except to turn to face its target. Cannons have such a long range it is pointless moving them.

As crew73

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