Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Cannon Misfire Chart
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Destroyed! The cannon explodes with a mighty crack. Shards of metal and wood fly in all directions leaving a hole in the ground and a cloud of black smoke. The cannon is destroyed and its crew slain or injured. Remove the cannon and its crew.


Malfunction: The powder fails to ignite and the cannon does not fire. The crew must remove the ball and powder before the cannon can shoot again - which takes another turn. The cannon therefore cannot fire either this turn or the next turn. It is a good idea to turn the cannon round to indicate this.


May not shoot: A minor fault prevents the cannon from firing this turn, perhaps the fuse is not set properly or maybe the crewmen mishandle the loading procedure. The cannon is unharmed and may shoot as normal next turn.

If you roll a Misfire on your Bounce roll then the cannon is unharmed, the misfire result merely indicates that the cannon ball has struck in the ground where it hits. If the shot lands on top of a model then that particular model is hit as normal, but there is no further bounce damage.

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