Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Standards, Musicians & Champions
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So far we have described units as consisting of identical rank-and-file troops. However, more often than not, warriors march to war under the leadership of a captain or some other officer, to the accompaniment of a drum or horn and beneath the fluttering standards of their cities and rulers. The regiments of the Empire march under flags bearing the arms of their Electors and their Emperor. Bretonnians go to war before the glittering heraldic banners of their lords and King. Orcs wave banners covered in glyphs proclaiming the might and power of their chieftains.

Standards and drums also have a practical value: they are used to signal to the troops, direct their unit's movement and provide a highly visible point around which formation changes and manoeuvres can be made. The rules that follow represent the boost that Standards and Musicians give to a unit's fighting prowess.

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