Jump Up and Down
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The Giant jumps up and down vigorously on top of one enemy unit in base contact. Before he starts, the Giant must test to determine if he falls over. If he falls over, work out where he falls over. Assuming that he remains on his none too nimble feet, the Giant bounds up and down on the enemy unit, guffawing madly.

The unit sustains 2D6 Strength 6 hits allocated as shooting hits. Work out damage and saves as usual. Giants enjoy jumping up and down on their enemies so much that a Giant that does so in one combat round will automatically do so in the following round if he is able to, assuming that he did not fall over in the previous round. A separate test is required at the start of each succeeding combat round to determine if the Giant falls over. A Giant that starts to Jump Up and Down will therefore continue to do so until he falls over or until the that combat comes to an end.