Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Templates (Shooting)
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Sometimes some weapons (such as stone throwers) may deviate and hit units already in close combat. As described later, some of these weapons utilise a template to determine how many models are hit by a falling stone, a gout of Dragon fire and so on. Normally, models under templates are considered targets and will be hit. See the section on War Machines for details.

If a template ends up in such a way that it touches only models from one side, and none of the models it touches are actually fighting (ie, in base contact with their enemy), then all casualties are worked out exactly as normal. The shot has struck in such a way that all hits fall on that unit.

If a template ends up so that it touches models from either side that are fighting, or models from both sides whether fighting or not, then work out the number of hits as normal but distribute them equally to both sides. The shot has fallen in the thick of the fighting and both sides suffer the consequences.

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